REVIEW REQUESTS: Please Read this First!

If you have a book, ebook or product that you would like me to consider for review, here at My Real Life Reviews and/or at or, please read through the following information before sending a request.
As an avid vegetarian cook and cookbook author (Veggies, Yarns & Tails) click to visit my cooking and craft blog, I am particularly interested in products/books for the kitchen: small appliances, healthy foods (preferably organic) and cookbooks with healthy themes,usually vegetarian or vegan but I will consider other types too.
I try to live and promote a greener lifestyle and again, these types of products are of particular interest to me: organic and/or green cosmetics, skin and hair care, cleaners, household products. 
I also like to knit and crochet, so yarns and related products would be something I would consider too.
A quick browse of my sidebar is a good way to know more about my interests and the many types of books and products I've already reviewed. 
You can also check out my Amazon profile page to read my reviews there. 
For book reviews I will accept hard copies but my preference is Kindle-format books.
 I love to read many genres of books: biographies, women's fiction, mysteries, contemporary romance, poetry: particularly haiku, health-related topics, yoga, fitness,vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cookbooks, knitting and crochet, books about cats, eco-friendly topics, after-life/near death experience, magic, humor, some inspirational but not overly religious themes.
I do NOT read: books containing excessive violence, any kind of exploitation(human or animal), science fiction, gratuitous or degrading sexual content, historical romance, graphic novels.
I am happy to read and promote indie author's books in particular, within the genres listed above.
I will consider all review requests and will reply to serious and well-presented queries (please no typos, copy and paste queries etc...that's a real turn-off right off the bat!) that are of interest to me. 
Unfortunately, I don't have time to respond to review requests that I don't want to pursue. 

I am sometimes swamped with projects of all types so please allow a bit of time (usually within 2 weeks) for a reply.

You can contact me at: 

myreallifereviews   @  gmail . com  (spaces removed)

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