Geraldine Helen Hartman

I am a freelance writer, poet, novelist, award-winning cookbook author and columnist, artisan, avid blogger and product/book reviewer. 

Current creative projects in progress include a new eBook exploring the power of the Law of Attraction.  Also, another eBook to be co-authored with the fabulous Mr. Cheddar!  >^^<


You can also visit me online at: 

Both of these blogs are now "on hiatus" as I explore other blogging ideas this year.
  But I do hope you'll enjoy browsing the extensive recipe and poetry archives, from my years of blogging, at both of these sites.  


This is a list of my current titles (with links). 

All titles are available at, .ca, .UK, IT....

If you enjoy my books, reviews are always appreciated. 

Happy Reading and Cooking! ;-)

I'm only the typist for this one! ;-)

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