Monday, March 13, 2017

A "Crafty Mojo" Post !

I have always loved creating handmade items. 😊

Crafting in a variety of mediums has been a part of my life since I was in the single digits, age-wise LOL.

Knitting, painting, jewelry, sewing, embroidery,  eco-crafts....the list goes on and on.

My dear mom, Helen was a very talented seamstress and painter and I think a lot of my creative abilities and interest are thanks to her.
We spent many a long day together, creating beautiful things over the years, especially when I was writing a weekly craft column for over 5 years, in one of Canada's major newspapers, The Regina Leader Post. Such good memories that still bring a smile to my face, thinking about those precious hours spent together, creating something unique and beautiful.
With crafts and hobbies on my mind, I thought you might enjoy checking out a few of the craft and hobby books/products/ sites that I have shared here, over the years at My Real Life Reviews. 
Hopefully, one or more of these will inspire you to create something new and special, in the days ahead. We all need a boost at times to get our "crafty mojo" back. I know I do!
Right now, I am happily working on my new haiku book but also hope to get back to another knit project, before the end of this week.

What are you working on right now? 

What is your favorite craft(s)?

I have so many fav crafts and hobbies, I wouldn't know how to begin to answer that question!😊

Here goes:

Crafting with Cat Hair (a fun craft book and lots of Mr. Cheddar photos too!)

Homemade (a unique and extensive craft book, filled with all kinds of beautiful ideas)

One Yard Wonders (a fun book and sew kit, with all kinds of 1 yard or less, sewing ideas)

Knitting Warehouse (my fav online shop for knit and many other types of craft needs)

Lion Brand Recycled Cotton Yarn (one of my fav summer cotton yarns)

Down & Dirty (gardening is apparently, the most popular hobby in the world!

Happy Crafting and Creating!!!

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