Sunday, February 19, 2017

An Exciting Screenshot to Share! :-)


❤ This page, at (this morning) really made me smile!! 


That is one of my eBooks: Haiku Reflections I, in the Number 1 spot for Japanese Poetry and Haiku, on the paid list!

I have had several of my eBooks show up on Top 100 lists over the years, but NEVER in the number one spot, on any paid list.

 I am honored and encouraged by this.

 I've actually been thinking about writing another haiku eBook (I have two in this series to date) and this has given me a gentle push to get started on that book project.

Haiku is one of my favorite poetry forms. I love the simplicity but at the same time, complexity that is part of creating a memorable haiku poem. 

If you are not familiar with this poetry form, you can read more about it at one of most popular  and respected haiku sites :

Haiku Journal


And, if you'd like to check out my Haiku Reflection series, you can find the two eBooks (with seasonal photos) at these links:


I probably won't stay at the top of that list for long (these lists change every hour) but I'm sure glad I happened to check out that particular book today, at the right time! 😁

Have a super week!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rescue Remedy (pastilles and also, pet formula)

Rescue Remedy Pastilles

I am amazed how well Rescue Remedy products work!

I have used the liquid Rescue Remedy many times in the past, but these "candies" are much more convenient.

The best test I've given them to date: facing several mornings in the dentist chair. It still wasn't fun or painless but I was a LOT calmer than usual. 😄 

For me, the best time to take these is about an hour before expecting to need them. The effect lasts about 5-6 hours usually. A nice calm, relaxed feeling that is hard to describe but unmistakably there. Not like taking drugs, ie: Valium or similar relaxants, and a lot safer too as they are completely natural and drug-free.

These pastilles come in several flavors, the Black Current is my favorite.

The ingredient list is good but they do contain sorbitol as a sweetener. It would be nice to see an even better choice for sweetener (fruit juice?) but not a big concern for me, in this small amount. 

Mr. Cheddar also uses Rescue Remedy in liquid form, a type that is specifically formulated for pets. 

And that to me is another real "test" of the efficiency of these products. 

Mr. Cheddar is MUCH calmer, when travelling etc, after a few drops of Rescue Remedy, which I put on some treats and he happily gobbles up. 

We were really concerned about how he would fare on planes, ferries etc, with our recent travels, but he did great. I am so grateful to have had RR to help. He does tend to be quite a "nervous Nelly" when it comes to loud noises, etc...and as we all know, airports. large ferries and planes are certainly all in that category!!

I don't know how homeopathic remedies work but based on my experience with Rescue Remedy products, I'm a believer! 😀 

You can read a lot more about all types of Rescue Remedy including more testimonials, at the Rescue Remedy site. Their customer service staff were most helpful when I had questions about using RR for Mr. Cheddar, I appreciate that too. 

Overall rating for these products: Very Good. 4 out of 5

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