Saturday, February 25, 2017

If You Love Sauerkraut (or Not!) Check Out This Review/Recipe Post


I got to thinking about this previous post and review, while shopping for groceries yesterday. 

I am a big fan of sauerkraut and decided to make this yummy main dish recipe again today, that features sauerkraut, is made in the slow cooker (my fav small kitchen appliance) and is oh so easy to prepare. 

And Bubbies is the BEST sauerkraut I have enjoyed to date. It is definitely worth looking for this brand. 

If you   sauerkraut (like I do) or even if you don't (yet!!) if you have a slow cooker and are looking for some new ideas for main dish entrees, you might enjoy giving this recipe a try. 

I know from comments and feedback I've received about this German Sauerkraut Feast, that this IS a recipe that can change peoples' minds about all things sauerkraut, even if they hated this "cabbage wonder" previously!  :-)

Have a Great Week and Happy Cooking!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

An Exciting Screenshot to Share! :-)


❤ This page, at (this morning) really made me smile!! 


That is one of my eBooks: Haiku Reflections I, in the Number 1 spot for Japanese Poetry and Haiku, on the paid list!

I have had several of my eBooks show up on Top 100 lists over the years, but NEVER in the number one spot, on any paid list.

 I am honored and encouraged by this.

 I've actually been thinking about writing another haiku eBook (I have two in this series to date) and this has given me a gentle push to get started on that book project.

Haiku is one of my favorite poetry forms. I love the simplicity but at the same time, complexity that is part of creating a memorable haiku poem. 

If you are not familiar with this poetry form, you can read more about it at one of most popular  and respected haiku sites :

Haiku Journal


And, if you'd like to check out my Haiku Reflection series, you can find the two eBooks (with seasonal photos) at these links:


I probably won't stay at the top of that list for long (these lists change every hour) but I'm sure glad I happened to check out that particular book today, at the right time! 😁

Have a super week!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rescue Remedy (pastilles and also, pet formula)

Rescue Remedy Pastilles

I am amazed how well Rescue Remedy products work!

I have used the liquid Rescue Remedy many times in the past, but these "candies" are much more convenient.

The best test I've given them to date: facing several mornings in the dentist chair. It still wasn't fun or painless but I was a LOT calmer than usual. 😄 

For me, the best time to take these is about an hour before expecting to need them. The effect lasts about 5-6 hours usually. A nice calm, relaxed feeling that is hard to describe but unmistakably there. Not like taking drugs, ie: Valium or similar relaxants, and a lot safer too as they are completely natural and drug-free.

These pastilles come in several flavors, the Black Current is my favorite.

The ingredient list is good but they do contain sorbitol as a sweetener. It would be nice to see an even better choice for sweetener (fruit juice?) but not a big concern for me, in this small amount. 

Mr. Cheddar also uses Rescue Remedy in liquid form, a type that is specifically formulated for pets. 

And that to me is another real "test" of the efficiency of these products. 

Mr. Cheddar is MUCH calmer, when travelling etc, after a few drops of Rescue Remedy, which I put on some treats and he happily gobbles up. 

We were really concerned about how he would fare on planes, ferries etc, with our recent travels, but he did great. I am so grateful to have had RR to help. He does tend to be quite a "nervous Nelly" when it comes to loud noises, etc...and as we all know, airports. large ferries and planes are certainly all in that category!!

I don't know how homeopathic remedies work but based on my experience with Rescue Remedy products, I'm a believer! 😀 

You can read a lot more about all types of Rescue Remedy including more testimonials, at the Rescue Remedy site. Their customer service staff were most helpful when I had questions about using RR for Mr. Cheddar, I appreciate that too. 

Overall rating for these products: Very Good. 4 out of 5

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