Thursday, September 8, 2016

An Early Autumn Update

Hello again and hope everyone had a great summer! 

I'm not back to blogging or reviewing much yet, still doing some travelling at this point and making some final decisions about our upcoming move.

Right now, enjoying beautiful Vancouver Island, pictured above. 
And yes, I am taking photos too but haven't had time to get them downloaded to my PC yet.The fall sure looks like it's going to be a lovely one, here on the Island. 

Joe and I (and Mr. Cheddar too!) are enjoying some much needed 'chill time' after all the hectic hustle and bustle with packing etc...over the past couple of months.

Look forward to getting back to blogging and visiting all my fav blogs again, as soon as things are a bit more settled.

 I've also recently been asked to join the new (soon to be launched) Amazon Canada Vine program, so I'm looking forward to sharing many new products from that opportunity too. I love Amazon and I'm thrilled to be asked to join this new Canadian program!

In the meantime, Wishing You a Happy Autumn and Happy Trails Too!!! 

PS: Check out this week's featured post (left top sidebar) if you are in need of some really comfy walking sandals. 

I'm wearing mine a LOT right now.  :-)
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