Thursday, April 28, 2016

FREE Haiku Book Promo (this Friday and Saturday)


My second published haiku eBook will be available free, this Friday April 29th and Saturday April 30th at all Amazon sites. 

Download a free copy to your Kindle, eReader, iPad, desktop...

If you enjoy haiku poetry (or just want to find out more about it) this is a perfect time to get a copy of this poetry collection, the second in the Haiku Reflections series.

Here are 3 of the 120 seasonal haiku poems featured in this book, these from the SUMMER section:

Watching the sundial.
Sensing those from long ago.
Ties that gently bind.


Clouds, light, wind picks up.
Lightness of spirit, freeing.
A hunch brought to mind.


Top down, '65 MG.
Sinatra: The Summer Wind.
Two golden oldies.

And if you enjoy Haiku Reflections II or any of my other books, reviews are always most appreciated!

Happy Reading and Weekend! :-)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Some of My "Fun In the Sun" Favorites! :-)

Here in BC, we've already had some very warm days, especially for mid-April.

 It got me thinking about some of my fav summer products/books that I thought I'd share a few of, here today. Hope you enjoy my list and find it helpful too.

And if you have a particular summer book or product that you use year after year, when the sun returns, do share! :-) 

Happy "Fun In the Sun" and here's my list (with reviews/links):

Although I don't usually have the time or interest in polishing my fingernails, I DO like to "spruce up" my tootsies, when sandal-season arrives. 

Suncoat Peelable Nail Polish is an excellent alternative to mainstream, highly toxic nail polish. It stays on VERY well and when you're ready to remove it, a soak in warm water for about 10 minutes and voila, easy to peel off. No remover required. Love this stuff!

Remember these sandals from many years ago? 

I was delighted to find them still available when I wanted to order a pair a while back. And they are still as comfortable as I remember them, as a teenager. 

The only thing I didn't like about the new pair I got was the way the buckle opened and closed. The company actually supplies written and detailed instructions for this (upon request) as they are so tricky to open and adjust now. But after that hurdle was passed, I am really enjoying wearing these sandals again. They do feel like they give your legs/feet a bit of an extra workout as you walk! How cool is that?

Still on the topic of feet/toes, this foot creme from Burt's Bees is one of the best I've ever used. You can actually see significant results, with continued use. 

And when summer rolls around, my feet need all the TLC I can give them. My heels tend to get so cracked and dry but with this BB creme, they are looking a lot better, in a short amount of time. Click to read my full review. 

After the tootsies are well taken care of ;-) it's time to chill with a good summer read!

Two books that I usually read every summer are:

Beachcombing at Miramar by Richard Bode


Summer's Lease by John Mortimer

Click to read my mini reviews. I just love both of these books! 

Summer beach classics I never tire of! 

I've tried a few ice cream makers over the years and this is my fav to date. Easy to use and clean, Not too big or small. Reasonably priced. And best of all, consistently good results. 

If you've never made or enjoyed homemade ice cream, you are in for a real treat. Store bought ice cream pales by comparison, in a big way after one taste!

Even if you aren't a vegetarian or vegan, this is one amazing ice cream book! 

First of all, the presentation is absolutely dazzling! All those gorgeous photos are enough to start any ice cream lover drooling. And that definitely would include die hard dairy fans too. And with choices like this, who needs dairy anyways?

Looking extra yummy, for my particular tastes: Cheesecake, Easy as Pumpkin Pie, Sesame Halvah, Gravel Path (what a fun name!!!), Chai Latte and many others.

The instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Anyone can do this, whether you are an avid cook or a beginner. 

The sugar content in most of the recipes is quite acceptable too, something that's often "over the top" IMO, in dessert cookbooks of any kind. And of course, if someone wants a bit less or more in this regard, that's an easy tweak.

This will be a keeper in my cookbook collection for years to come. Would also make a lovely hostess,shower or graduation gift, to go along with an ice cream maker.

Surf Sweets Watermelon Rings (12x2.75oz )

Surf Sweets Watermelon Rings

These really do taste like watermelon. 

They are a bit sweet for my taste, so one at a time,  is plenty for me. 

I do like the chewy texture and the organic ingredient list.

I'm guessing kids would love these too. Fun to have at the lake shore or seaside. :-) The little life preserver shape is so cute!

I bought this 2.75 oz bag for less than $4. at a local food co-op. 

Great for snacking on at the beach or by the pool. Just add a cool beverage and you're good to go. 

Love these chips with the tangy lime kick. Addictive but in a good way!



Smiling Sun clipart courtesy of: Clipart Panda

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds (Intensity Walk)

After a long winter of being too much of "couch potato"and putting fitness for the most part on the back-burner, I am now getting back to more walks, strength training and aerobics, including using this older DVD from Leslie Sansone, which is one of my all-time fav exercise DVDS.

I appreciate the 3 workouts included on this dvd as they are all different, challenging and fun. 

The Super Challenge is a 4 mile walk that's great for days when I've got the time to do it and feel like a longer workout, focused on endurance walking. 

There's also  the Muscle Mile One segment, which I use 3 lb. dumbbells with and it's wonderful. The mile breezes by and at the end, in spite of how quickly I am finished, I still feel like I have had a good workout. Adding the weight really does 'bump up' this workout segment, in a significant but easy way.

Walk and Jog includes short bursts of jogging with the walking and is 30 minutes in length, equivalent to a 2.5 mile walk. Again, adding a nice variety to the overall mix. 

I like Leslie's enthusiastic and happy attitude, the moves, the music, her real pals along with her, doing the workout....almost everything about this dvd. 

Only couple of minor negatives: the set is pretty "cheesy" and the lighting could be better but no big deal, given all the pluses for this workout dvd. 

I recently previewed some of Sansones' newer DVDs and wasn't impressed at allShe has now surrounded herself with young girls strutting their stuff behind her, with no "regular" women of various ages, sizes, fitness levels or friends, in sight. 

I think this direction for her newer DVDs was a huge mistake and Sansone has alienated a lot of her regular followers, judging by many of the comments and reviews at Amazon. Leslie Sansone has also made herself look older and tired-looking with all these fresh-faced girls working out with her now, so that marketing "gem" certainly has seemed to backfire! ;-)   

But the good news is, Sansones' older dvds, like the Intensity Walk are still relevant, helpful and available! Click to view/buy at

If you are in need of something new/better for your exercise regime, perhaps getting back to a better fitness level after the winter as I am or just enjoy working out at home as opposed to outside or at a gym, you might want to give this DVD a try

Suitable for people of most fitness levels as you can easily build up your intensity level as your fitness improves. No floor work either!

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sharpe Shooter (Cozy Suburbs Mystery Series) by Lisa B. Thomas

This is a very enjoyable and rather original cozy mystery.

And I do love a good cozy mystery! :-)

Deena is a like-able and believable main character. All the characters in this story are well developed. 

The plot moves along at a fast pace, with plenty of twists and turns, but not too many, just the right balance. 

I have read the second book and third book in this series: Sharpe Edge and Sharpe Mind and thoroughly enjoyed both of them too. 

If you like a cozy mystery with some actual substance, originality and an older, wiser but still "with it" main character, check out this series. 

One of the best I've read to date in this genre. 


From the Amazon product page:

"Burned-out high school teacher Deena Sharpe is ready for a change. She has no idea a fifty-year-old murder case is about to turn her life upside down. 

The Perry County Sheriff’s office has found a skeleton in the closet…literally. When they identify the man’s body fifty years after his disappearance, his family turns to Deena to uncover the truth about his murder. The clock begins ticking when she discovers a mysterious writer is about to implicate the victim in his latest conspiracy theory book. She must channel her inner super-sleuth to solve the puzzle and protect her family name. With the help of her off-beat brother and others from the cozy town of Maycroft, Texas, Deena takes on a quest that leads to more questions than answers. 

Sharpe Shooter is the first book in the Maycroft Mystery Series. With antique shopping, car chases, and ghosts in the night, the story will keep you guessing as you follow Deena on her quest for the truth. 

If you like a clean, cozy mystery, buy Sharpe Shooter today!" 

Overall rating for this eBook: Excellent. 5 out of 5

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Year of Living Mindfully by Randi Ragan

I am really impressed by this book, and for so many reasons! :-)

First of all, I love the seasonal theme that author: Randi Ragan has chosen to present this material in. So helpful for choosing mindfully, what best activities, food choices...etc, to pursue at that particular time of year.

For example: reading through the summer (soon to arrive) section, I have already picked out a number of topic of interest including: 

-The Possibilities Ritual (all about the sunflowers that I love).

-Yoga/mediation/breath exercises specifically geared to warmer weather.

-Choosing the safest, most natural types of sunscreen and why being a label reader is essential for these types of products too.

The research that went into this book, the attention to detail and the passion that Randi Ragan has for her work is obvious throughout.

The layout and design of this book is beautiful too. I have the print version (also available as an eBook) and right from the cover onward, it is lovely to look at and to enjoy. I would have loved to have seen the seasonal chapter pages in color, but even in black and white, the artwork is unique and beautiful.

In addition to the many topics/passages that piqued my interest throughout this book, there are a number of seasonal recipes that sound absolutely delish too, including:

-Hope's Cranberry Chutney

-Roasted Root Vegetables with Caramelized Fig Sauce

-Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies

and many more.

It's not often that I get excited about a reference book in every way, but that is the case here. Easy to implement suggestions throughout that almost anyone can put into practice to enhance their quality of life in significant, often fun ways and with significant and long-term benefits.

This book would also make a memorable and unique gift for anyone seeking more balance, health, peace and mindfulness in life.

Overall rating for this book: Excellent. 5 out of 5

Friday, April 1, 2016


Congratulations Amber!

 I hope you will enjoy all your great prizes.

My sincere thanks to all the sponsors for this contest, all so generous with the prizes they provided.

Loved reading all your comments about spring too.

I'll be back to posting product reviews very shortly.

Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY SPRING!!!
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