Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Epson XP-310 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier

I was excited about buying this printer: Epson XP-310 as at the time I did, it was reduced from $350. to 40. at Amazon.ca. Well, it might be worth 40. but it certainly would not be worth over $300!!!

The set-up was a pain...I usually set up a new printer in less than 1/2 hour, but with this one over an hour later, I was still trying to get it to work wirelessly. Finally gave up and plugged it in using the USB, which I did not want to have to do. Thank goodness I had a spare USB cable here as there isn't one included with this printer.

The display panel takes a bit of getting use to, how to navigate the screen.

Plastic is thin, rather cheap looking. My old HP printer that was about the same price as this one was a lot sturdier.

As is the case now with most printers and cartridges, it's actually cheaper to buy a new basic printer than to replace the cartridges in an old one. Such a waste of materials and resources but it's something a lot of people do. Why do these companies continue to charge such a big price for replacement cartridges???

I think this printer will work for the limited amount I need it but it's nothing special from what I've noted so far. And as I said above, the set up should have gone a lot smoother than it did. Not user-friendly in this respect. For eg. There is suppose to be a prompt on the wireless set up, when to remove the USB cable (using it just for set up) but that never came up on the screen.

One plus I have noted already, the printing is nice and clear.

I'll probably go back to HP next time, still like their printers better overall.

Overall rating for this product: Fair. 2 out of 5


  1. Not worth the regular price but ok for 40. So many people are now buying printers instead of cartridges, which is such a waste, due to the price.

  2. Excellent review I have the Epson 310 bu the darn 5 cartridges cost a fortune and at best you're lucky if you can get even 15 photos out of it...so I stopped printing period, I have the HP Photosmart A646 which last for quite a while and requires only one ink 310, beautiful photos problem is it's small so you can only print 5X7 (well the largest _ 3x4 are usually better, I've giving up on printing anything, I, Like you and Joe agree upon the fact that the cartridges are overpriced the only use I have for my Epson is to scan this is needed as I have photos when I used a Minolta Srt-201..that i can scan into the printer oh and fax, although I've never faxed .printing is out of myleague, bought mine from a store nearby so didn't have to pay the outrageous shipping arrrgh... I thought maybe if I made the initial investment that in the long run it would be worth buying some of my good photos but my gosh there are so many excellent photographers and truly not worth it, the invesment rarely pays off....Thanks always for your reviews

    1. The cartridges for all these types of printers are much too expensive IMO. Such a waste that so many people are buying new printers instead of just the cartridges now. I know because the recycling center here gets people bringing in printers on a regular basis that work fine but they don't want to pay for new cartridges, so they buy a new printer instead. What a waste! I'll probably go back to HP next time too Lorraine, I liked my "old" HP printer better than this one.


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