Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Winner for the Spring Yarn Lover's Contest

I've picked a new winner in the Spring Yarn Lover's Contest as  NOREEN (Running With Books) 
has not been in touch with me to claim her prizes within the 2 weeks allowed.

The NEW winner of the Spring Yarn Lover's Contest is:
Congratulations Rebekah!

Please send your mailing info. to: MRLR at myway dot com asap and I'll arrange to have your prizes sent to you.
Again, two weeks to claim your prizes or I'll have to try again.
And let's hope I don't have to try again; it shouldn't be hard to give away great prizes, right? ;<)


  1. Congratulations to Rebekah. I agree, prize winners should claim their prizes, two weeks is plenty of time.

  2. if they don't claim, you can keep it for yourself, or Joe or Mr Ched or you could send it to me but chances are Mr. Ched will have more fun with it!

    1. It's all knitting stuff Lorraine, so I don't think you'd use it, unless you've decided to give knitting another try.;<) The good news, Rebekah already claimed her prizes and she's very excited she won!

      I don't know why anyone would enter a contest and then have no way to contact them or not reply to an email. That's happened a few times with my contest, go figure. When I win something, I'm ready for that email! ;<)

  3. Good for her If I didn't live in Quebec I'd stay on the computer until you announced the winner and I'd claimed before you had time to say winner is...don't be so sure I wouldn't enjoy ,gotta learn sometimes....the only thing I"ve managed once was a beige scarf, with you know just a few holes here and there, hum...


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