Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Memorex OptiDisc Laser Lens Cleaner

We've been having some ongoing problems with "break-up" and occasional skipping when using our DVD player, probably caused by an accumulation of dust and debris, on the laser lens.
I found the Memorex OptiDisc Laser Lens Cleaner over at Amazon and thought it was worth a try, to hopefully rectify these DVD issues.
 What had surprised me given the 200+ reviews over at Amazon about this product before even using it, was the diverse experiences shared by people who had used this lens cleaner. Some for their DVD player and some when cleaning their CD player; this product can be used for both.
 The majority seemed to think it did a good job so I thought that was a good beginning.
The disc has 6 tiny and I do mean tiny brushes that are suppose to gently clean the DVD player's laser lens, quickly and completely. Given that the DVD player we had, had never been cleaned previously, I expected it might take a couple of cleanings before it was back to working correctly at all times.
Well, after 3 cleanings, following the easy to use instructions that show up onscreen, I put in a DVD that had been previously skipping and pushed PLAY. The part of the DVD where the skipping and breakup had been occurring previously was a bit better but it was still not playing correctly.
Next, I tried a brand new DVD to compare results. This is where it got surprising. There was not a scratch, flaw...of any kind on this DVD disc. It was pristine, right out of the package. And it skipped in places too! This made no sense at all.
Why would a brand new DVD not play well, given the perfect condition it was in, after using this DVD cleaner disc?
Many of the people who reviewed this product over at Amazon described issues with their DVD player that were a lot worse than what we had been experiencing. Some mentioned that their player had not worked at all, before using the Memorex OptiDisc . But after using it, many were once again able to play DVD's without any problems.
But there were a lot of people who had the same experience we had here. No difference, nada...and again, considering I also tested it on a brand new DVD and still had issues, this cleaning disc definitely didn't seem to have done much for our DVD player.
I guess you get what you pay for. This Memorex OptiDisc  is on sale for less than $6. over at Amazon. Based on my experience, I don't think it's even worth that.
If any of you have used this product for cleaning your DVD player or have used a similar product and had good results, please share your experience in a comment below. I'm still looking for a cleaning product that will actually get our DVD player back to working as it should all the time and with all DVD's.
Overall rating for this product: Unsatisfactory. 1 out of 5.


  1. Excellent review. This product didn't perform as it should have. If it didn't work with a brand new, flawless DVD, there is something wrong. Not worth any amount of $.

  2. Geraldine, a great review...I find it's so hard when half are for it, and half against the product...it really makes you wonder what to do, buy, not buy.

    But your review is great, and you gave good reasons for it.


  3. I still wear my broken glasses...what can I say I don't have money for everything so you, it's somewhere on the list lol

  4. I do admire you for doing these reviews even though I generally just buy what I like and unless it is extremely expensive.Then I like to find out more about the product.
    Every penny seems to count these days.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  5. I need to get contacts soon, my glasses are old :)

    1. Keith, see my reply directly below...

  6. Hi Joe, It certainly didn't do much for our DVD player, if anything. :<(

    Hi Jen, There was a real "mixed bag" of reviews for this product, more so than most times. Thought it was worth a try but it didn't work out here.

    Hi Lorraine, This is a lens cleaner for a DVD player my dear, not for glasses.

    Hi Maggie, Thanks Maggie, I enjoy reviewing products and books, very much. I am a review reader myself. I like to find out as much as I can before making a purchase. Better that than being dissatisfied and going to the hassle of returning it, especially when it's an online purchase. I hope my reviews are helpful for a lot of people, based on the stats going up every month, I think that's the case. :<)

    Hi Keith, Again as I told Lorraine above, this is for DVD players, not glasses. On the topic of contacts though, a great investment. I was so glad to switch from my glasses to contacts years ago.

    Happy Thursday, G :<)

  7. If it's as good as you say it is, then I would buy it at the soonest time possible. I had a lot of failed DVD cleaners that are not very effective. It was a complete waste of money.
    - Opti-Max.net

    1. Hi Rachel, I didn't say it was good, I said it didn't do anything for our DVD player, but it did seem to work for a lot of other people. It was a complete waste of money.

  8. Oh well ignorant me lol not a big surprise, I am not in with the times, to busy battling with myself lol

    1. Your in good company. Keith thought it also cleaned glasses too it seems. ;<)

  9. got anything on good sneakers for walking?

    1. LOL, I'm sure you've got plenty of walking shoes! You make me laugh my friend. Enjoy that sunshine and fresh air. :<)

  10. That's bad. I would never have guessed that a lens cleaner would mess up a DVD like that. I don't think that they should still have it on the market then, if that is what you're seeing. Are there any other reviews on Amazon where people who have used it had the same experience as you?

    You should not be buying a lens cleaner, expecting it to make your DVD free of dirt and so on, and end up with the opposite result in terms of performance.


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