Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Mr. Cheddar Review: Jiffy Cat Grass Kit

Mr. Cheddar here.
Yes, I'm baaaaaack....finally!
It's been a long, dreary winter here and Meowmie has been spending even more time on the computer these days, making it difficult for me to get my own work done.
But today, I've finally commandeered (how's that for a swanky, big word) the keyboard and have another fav feline product to share with all my cat and human admirers.
I'm a big fan of the Jiffy Cat Grass Kit.
Meowmie and I have tried many brands of these kits over the years. Truth be told, a lot of them stink, big time!! Even though the instructions were followed to the letter (And I make sure to supervise the humans here with any delicate operations such as this) many times, they have refused to produce even the minimum of green, verdant grass as expected.
Not so with the Jiffy Cat Grass Kit. This product is the real deal.
As you are probably already aware, house-bound felines in particular (and my outdoor pals in winter too) all need a source of greens provided to nibble on, to keep us at our best.

I like to think of my Jiffy Cat Grass Kit as my own personal salad bar! But without the heavy, fattening dressings that the humans seem to crave with their own salads, of course.
Here's how easy it is to use this handy kit:
First, the attractive package!
 Note the sensuous kitty on the front.
I just KNOW that's a female. And yet another of the fairer sex that I LOOOOONG to meet. So many gals out there and so little spare time!!! Sigh....sorry, I digress.

Next step, the big "burgery" chunk of soil stuff is then placed in the growing container and watered until it expands to mammoth proportions!  Well... maybe not mammoth, but it sucks up that H2O real good! Sluuuurp!!! ;<)
After that, the soily stuff is spread out just like cake batter snort....and the seeds are inserted, one by one. This is the part my Pawmie likes to do with a chopstick. What can I say, he doesn't get out much......
Then the plastic dome goes on top and the little seedlings get to take a rest in a dark place for a few days. When they start to shooost up and we see the green of their eyes (make that roots) it's time to put them in the sunshine to finish the process.
Then it's time to chow down! Yummm-O!
I love a few good chews a couple of times a day, to keep myself ahhhem...oh so regular and feeling fine. Also helps with any furball issues. Heh, we all need greens, not just the humans. So if by chance your human hasn't provided you with your own salad bar yet, make sure they read this review and get one of these kits real soon.
They can also read this info. about the need for greens in our feline diets.
Cats do NOT live by kibbles alone! No sir reee Bob! Snort.
We usually buy these kits at the local pet store but Meowmie also did a search for me over at Amazon today and found this kit in an organic form. And you know how much Meowmie loves organics, if you've been reading here for any length of time. The kits I get do not have any chemicals added to them and that's the main thing. But this is another Jiffy option that's a goodun too!
Well, it's long overdue that I bedded down for my morning nap so I'll bid you a wonderful day for now and I promise that my absence from this blog will not be so long next time. I know how much my fans miss me, based on the thousands of emails and letters I receive every week from adoring felines around the world. Just's probably only hundreds but who's counting. Snort.
And in case you've missed it, I have a new employment sideline, you can read about here.
Yes, I'm also a Private Eye these days:
Ched Perkie: Feline PI!!!!!
Talk about a babe magnet profession. There's some real perks to this gig I'll tell ya! Wink, wink!
That's 50 kibbles a day, plus expenses.
Just the facts maaaaam!!!!
Overall rating for this product: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. i have never heard of cat my cat might think that was cool....a detective would def be a very cool gig as well...always want to be one...smiles.

  2. Excellent review Mr. Cheddar, with plenty of snorts I noted.

    I like to help out too and btw, the chopstick helps to make the grass come up nice and even, it has nothing to do with whether I get out much or not. Keep those reviews coming Ched.

  3. Hi Mr. Cheddar, Bootsie is a little busy right now relaxing on my husbands lap, so I will comment for

    Great review, and I am stoked that there is a organic version of this cat grass out there. We have had a bit of difficulty finding anything this side of we started our own seeds in a seeding tray. But it's nice to know that it's out there, and we can give it a try.

    Thanks for spending the time to try this out!


  4. I like the total coolness ofyou, you know who else has total coolnes, no,not you mawmie,everybody knows howcool she is, no I'm talking about the totalcoolness of my son who bought that onesummer for my cats, he is cool,I'll have to ask him where he got it, so he can remain ascool as YOU , Mr.themost Cheddar,also ps he has a lovely feline, you would thing very cool he called HER Vader????imagine that and theother lovely female is called nounoune, how adorable isthat,good thing they don't see you, or there might be some feline fight, we don'twanat that, headbonk to you genius, and to your mawmie

  5. Hi Mr. Brian, Your kitties will swoon with joy, when you get one of these tasty kits to dine on. A necessity for us house bound felines in particular. Good that I was able to enlighten you! ;<)

    Hi Pawmie, I tell it like it is Pawmie, you and Meowmie definitely need more fun as do I but rumour has it that MUCH more fun stuff is on the way and soon. I'll take it. It's not just Cyndi Lauper who needs more fun, snortttt!!!

    Hi Ms. Jen, Oh your dear Bootsie is a doll. I am correct that this is a female feline? Meowmie allows me so little time to read my fav blogs, sigh...Yes, the organic type is the way to go, if possible. Meowmie was happy about that too.

    Hi Ms. L, Of course I am the coolest kitty of them all my friend. Who else? I hope you are providing greens for your lovely felines? I will be checking in to make sure!!!

    Chiao for Now (I have a PI assignment that just can't wait!) The Chedster.

  6. you know what I can let me know where to be!!!!

  7. Many thanks for that fun review. I really enjoyed it.

    Greetings from London.

  8. Mr. Cheddar, how wonderful for you to stop by! Of course I remember you!

    I was so sad to read just now on your other blog that Mitzi went to the Bridge in 2009. She was so beautiful and I had such a crush on her. I bet your mom misses her terribly still.

    Please visit again!

  9. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately we don't have pets in the house.

  10. Hi Brian, It really is a good idea to provide greens for kitties, especially house cats and during the winter for all. I hope you try one of these kits soon. Jiffy is a good one but a lot of them take forever to sprout or don't at all. I like the organic choice in the US best of all.

    Hi Joe, Yeah, that Chedster, he can get to be a bit sarcastic at times. At least he doesn't talk about your 'bag belly' (not that you have one!) like he's brought up about me at times. Sigh...but what would we do without him!

    Hi Lorraine, He is one cool kitty, I agree. ;<)

    Hi Ched, Oh Cheddie, you are such a hoot!!!

    Hi Cuban in London, Glad you enjoyed Mr. Cheddar's review. It's been a while since he's penned one. ;<)

    Hi William, I was so glad to find your blog again today, nice to visit again.Mitzi is still missed every day and will never be forgotten. She had a long and very happy life though, lived over 21 years! I do remember that crush. :<) She was sweet on you too. And yes, I will visit again.

    Hi Grace, Oh, that's too bad. But I hope you enjoyed Mr. Cheddar's review anyways!

    Happy Weekend, G

  11. PS: Jen, I missed ya...I'm not sure if Boots is an outdoor kitty but in the winter, these kits are good for all cats.

    I love the organic option too. I was told by McKenzie Seeds here in Canada that they don't have the organic kits but that no chemicals are added to the seeds, that's all good. Let me know if you find a Canadian supplier for the organic one ok!

  12. Hi Geraldine. Enjoyed this post immensely. I don't think cat grass was available in shops when I had my cats. I did once grow grass from seed in a pot but it wasn't the right kind of grass... hey ho. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

  13. Hi Ms. L, I am puzzled by your comment but if you saying that you are hoping to meet me somewhere, I'll be the furry handsome one lurking in the shadows. Snort... Yes, do let me know our rendevous location if that is the case and of course, bring the kitties along! I am SO wanting to meet them.

    Hi Mr. Cuban, And I love your acrobatic header photo, Meowmie showed me, it rocks! I can do that pose actually...I might be pushing 10 but I am VERY agile.

    Hi Willie, How great to visit with you again.

    Yes, my dear pal Mitz has gone to be with the rest of the furry herd, over the cat heaven bridge. But she is always with us in spirit. I love her now, just like I always did.

    Hi Ms. Grace, How is that possible? You simply don't know what you're missing my dear. CATS btw are the only way to go, if you should decide to add a furry pal to the family. Dogs, definitely second choice but I guess some of them are ok too.

    Hi Meowmie, Will chew the fat later OK!!! Snort...

    Hi Ms. Valerie, I am so glad you enjoyed my witty reportage and glowing good looks. Yes, cat grass kits are tres important for felines. So sad you don't have any in the family right now though.

    Well, I must head off to bed, it's very

    LATERS, The Chedster, Celebrity Blogger and Fearless Bug Warrior!


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