Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Chance to Enter the Caf-Lib and Cookies Contest!

Only a few days left to enter the October contest!
You can enter here if you haven't already.
And make sure to stop by in early November to find out if you're this month's winner and also for a BIG pre-holiday November contest announcement, you won't want to miss! And this upcoming November contest will be open to US and Canadian residents.
Good luck everyone! :<)


  1. I would have entered, but the Ottawa rents are out of my league, big time, it's expensive enough in Quebec unless of course I could find a little house in a nowhere place in Canada where everyone would deliver me stuff...and where the only time it's quiet here is between 1 am and 3 am if I'm lucky, guess you blew dried her hair at 3 hope I woke everybody up, darnit. ;)

  2. I entered already, hope I am the winner, lol. Looks like we will need hot beverages for this upcoming snow you are predicting.


  3. May the best cookie win!!! LOL. Make sure to stop in for the November contest too, this one open to US and Canada, it's a doozie!!! :<)


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