Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wallflower in Bloom by Claire Cook

I'm a big fan of novelist Claire Cook.

Ever since I read Best Staged Plans, I've been hooked on her books.

And what a fascinating personal story she also has. Claire Cook became a best-selling author, after writing her first novel in the family's van when she was 45; while waiting for her children at swim practises. Five years later, she was walking the red carpet for the premiere of: Must Love Dogs, based on another highly acclaimed novel that she wrote.
Wowsa. That's my kind of creative inspiration. Claire Cook has proven and in a big way that real-life dreams can and do come true.
Speaking of Best Staged Plans, you can read my full review of that wonderful book here.
 I was happy to note the recent release of her newest book: Wallflower in Bloom.

And as expected, Ms. Cook did not disappoint.
As is the case with most of Claire Cook's novels, this one centers around a large, somewhat dysfunctional family and in particular the main character Deirdrie Griffin and her brother Tag.
Deirdrie is Tag's personal assistant. Tag is a world-renowned motivational guru with millions of fans around the world. Adored and fawned over (especially by the ladies!) wherever he goes with Deirdrie always close behind. She is left to sort out the many details and intrigues in Tag's life and to pick up the pieces, when things go haywire! And that happens a lot.
It's the behind part that Deirdrie is sick of. Being out of the spotlight, feeling that she is just a glorified "gopher" that never really has a chance to shine on her own merits or have a life of her own.
But a twist in fate is in store for Deirdrie when she gets to be on the hit TV show: Dancing With the Stars, when a replacement dancer is needed. Being Tag's sister for once is paying off and in a big way. She grabs the chance and goes for it. And dances her way to a whole new life in the process.
 As a big fan of Dancing With the Stars, I also loved reading about the behind the scenes action at the show. And how Deirdrie went from a very average dancer to being able to hold her own and to go on to perform (and well) in front of millions of viewers. Talk about her time to shine!
This was such a fun read from beginning to end. I was sorry to turn the last page!
If you love a good read, happy endings, Claire Cook's writing, Dancing With the Stars; any or all of these, you will love: Wallflower in Bloom.
One more thing, isn't this a great cover? I think it's so perfect for the story.
Keep them coming Claire. Can't wait to see what your next book will be about.
Overall rating for this book: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. Sounds good. Will be looking it up.

  2. that is a very cool back story...and the premise of the book sounds cool as well....have to see if my wife has heard of her...

    happy saturday to you! smiles.

  3. And off to the library site to see if they have this wonderful author. Thank you!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Hi Teri, I always appreciate your book recommendations too, so little time and so many books...LOL. Let me know how you like this one.

    Hi Brian, I agree. Claire Cook is one of my heroes! She is such an inspiration to all of us who are aspiring novelist, at whatever age we happen to be. And it goes to show you what can be accomplished, even sitting in your vehicle, waiting for kids, in traffic jams etc...not a minute to waste!

    Hi Jen, Hope you're feeling a lot better friend. She is a wonderful author, I agree.

    Happy Reading, G :<)

  5. Excellent review. The author's personal story is certainly inspiring and interesting too. And the story sounds interesting and quite unique too.

  6. Ger,
    I will definitely read this! I enjoyed reading,"Must Love Dogs",and agree that she is an engaging writer. She writes a story that a person can certainly lose themselves in.
    And you have given this a rating of 5 stars, I see!

  7. I agree it's vibrant, haven't read it though,but it looks familiar, don't know why...:)

  8. Thank you so much for this fabulous review, Geraldine! And thanks for your kind comments, everybody!
    You can read an excerpt of Wallflower in Bloom (as well as my other 8 novels) at
    Thanks again!

  9. I will certainly buy it when I see it

    G. Sammi still hasn't come home....anyhoo I decided that it was my fault for my keeping my cats in because of my illness, so I'm thinking a little more clearly obviously Sammi needed to explore and I have a feeling Mikey's the same way, need collars and stuff and wait for sammi to be back to have her checked out...Does The Ched go out? Do you believe in the shots for viruses, I don't I think they do more harm than good...I'm just not sure about that darned rabid shot....It can do so much damaged...either way it can do so much damage, what's your take on this, I respect your opinion

  10. Hi Joe, A wonderful personal story and another great novel to add to Claire Cook's wonderful collection. Can't wait to read the next one!

    Hi Brenda, I don't rate too many books or products...a 5 as I think when reviewers routinely do that it becomes less helpful or meaningful. When I give a 5, I have to love everything about something. And I really loved this book! I think you'll enjoy it too!

    Hi Lorraine, Referring to the cover re: vibrant? What a good way to describe this pic. And so appropriate for the story. Let me know if you read it L. I won't get into the cat ?? here, I'll stop by soon, over at your blog.

    Hi Claire, Oh my! I am honored that you stopped in Claire. It was my pleasure to read this book and write this review. As I've been told many times, I "tell it like it is" when I write reviews and I also read the entire book when I'm writing a review, not just skim through as some reviewers apparently do. It's easy to say nice things about a book when I enjoyed it as much as this one! Thanks so much for your visit Claire and your recent email too.

    Happy Reading, G :<)

  11. I don't really like reality tv or even watch dancing with the stars but I really like the title. I did saw the movie 'must love dogs' and thought it was fun. I might check out that book first before this one.

    have a great day.


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