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The Ohio Knitting Mills Knitting Book by Steven Tatar (with Denise Grollmus)


As any of my regular blog readers know already, I am a self-proclaimed yarn addict! And how. If I'm not working on at least 2-3 knit or crochet projects at any given time, I'm just not happy!

My love of all things yarn-crafting extends to the pleasure of finding a new and unique knit or crochet book. And just recently, I found one that I'm very excited about:

The Ohio Knitting Mills Knitting Book is a book that came about in a very unusual way. Author Steven Tatar was hunting for scrap metal when he stumbled upon the now shuttered Ohio Knitting Mills. He subsequently bought the company's sweater archive and opened the Ohio Knitting Mills store, in Brooklyn, NY where for two years he sold vintage knits and wrote this book.

The author now sells limited edition sweaters online at:

The Ohio Knitting Mills Knitting Book traces the history through four decades of this historic Ohio mill from the 1940-1970. It makes for fascinating reading. Sharing a part of crafting in America through some of the most creative and turbulent times the USA has ever seen. And along the way, the reader is taken back in time to enjoy the styles, trends and fads of each of these decades. Including 26 knitting patterns from the original OKM archive.

What keeps this book fresh, timely and oh so 21st century are the updated versions of the original patterns that are included. Complete with full instructions and graphs where applicable.And wowsa, these are knitting patterns that are definitely worthy of a retro-encore!

Here are just a few examples of the unique patterns in this book:

Ski Chic Fatale


California Dreaming



Father Knows Best


Hippie Stashbag

The Ohio Knitting Mills Knitting Book is visually stunning with sepia-toned text pages and full-color photos throughout. The attention to detail and precision work that went into this 158 page book is evident throughout. Another plus: there are patterns for knitters of all skill levels from the beginner to expert, included in this book.

If you love retro-knit fashions this is a book you won't want to miss. Would also make a memorable gift for any yarn/American craft history buff on your gift list too.

This book is a great example of that timeless saying: "everything old IS new again"

You can read more about this unique knitting book and also find ordering options at: Thomas Allen and Son. Priced at: $22.50 CDN and $17.95 US.

Credit: "Excerpted from The Ohio Knitting Mills by Steven Tatar with
Denise Grollmus (Artisan Books). Copyright 2010. Photographs by Anna

Overall rating for this book: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. wow...digging the styles you are showing...pretty cool to be able to do that with yarn too....

  2. This does look like a great book, even for non-knitters, for the history of the mill and a look at another time. (I think my Mom, knitted a sweater similar to the striped tunic one, back in the early 70's). :)

  3. somehow along the way I've learne t sow a button, well as long as it lasted the day...does anyone want to adopt me?

  4. It looks like a very nice book. I am with Brenda, a non knitter, but interested!

  5. Hi Brian, I'm diggin' them too! This is a very good knitting book and so much more considering all the historical info. included that covers such interesting decades in the US. If you've got a knitter in the family, you might want to consider this book. Lots of men knitting now too. Any interest in picking up the needles Brian? :<)

    Hi Brenda, That's what makes this such an intriguing knitting book, so much more than the patterns, as I said above. I love that striped sweater btw, and it's so easy to make too.

    Hi Lorraine, Knitting is great for de-stressing my dear, perhaps you might want to consider this as a new hobby? It's so much fun and there are knitting clubs/groups/classes everywhere now. A new social outlet I think is totally a win-win! As far as sewing on buttons, you're ahead of alot of people, if you can manage that. LOL

    Hi SandyL, You should check it out Sandy. Maybe for your daughter too? I know she's a knitter.

    Happy Weekend (a long one here in BC), G :<)

  6. PS: to Lorraine, I tried to leave a couple of comments at your blog today but couldn't. The comment window wouldn't open on the posts I was looking at. Blogger is acting weird again!!!

  7. blogger is a pain.... and going back to your outings clubs? with people in it, are you trying to kill me?I am solitaray, I am a hermmit, I am an introvert, beeing around people even those I love is like my skin off my body planning for anything has me hidding in corners, when I broke from my extrovert life, I hid in every corner Icoul find...better now but still hiding as much as I can

  8. Looks like a fun activity though I don't have the time to as I work and by the time I get home, I am just too tired to even cook ~ Thanks for your visit in my blog ~

  9. These patterns are really cool. And the book is so much more than just about knitting. Some interesting US history to enjoy too. This was definitely a find.

  10. Hi again Lorraine, My biggest issue with Blogger right now is that "freeze" thing it does, when typing a post in draft. Makes for a very slow process, especially when you like to type fast, like I do. I did a post today that should have taken an hour tops, it actually took about 2 hours, with all the stops and starts. What a pain indeed.

    I'd love to join a knitting group but where we live now, the only one I'm aware of has a militant slant too it, amazing but true.I'll wait til we get out of here and look for a calmer crowd to click with LOL.

    You shouldn't feel the need to hide out Lorraine. I hope things get better in all ways for you and soon. Life can be true. Sorry to read this.

    Hi Grace, Knitting is SO relaxing Grace. And such a portable hobby too. Maybe you'll give it a try, some day. It was great to visit again. I always am attracted to your unique avatar image, when I see it around the blogs. I'm glad I stopped in today.

    Hi Joe, I agree. It is a very interesting book and for much more than the patterns.

    Happy Week, G

  11. I am fascinated with watching people knit... but I have no desire to learn. Oh well.

  12. this is just a general question and since you know so much you might be able to help me, see thishouse is over a 100 years old it's got cracks and lets all kinds of creepy crawlers that make me shivers, anyhoo I intend to find a paste so that i can paste all the holes in the house,and also have something that cannot harm the cats, I know the paste won't I hope not, but If myonly choice is spraying than I want something deadly for creepy crawlers but not hurt my cats, in fact yesterday an ugly ugly bug walke right through a crack in the door and came in, sammi jumped to play but i was freaked and killed it....I'm aslo goin to check all my books but they're fairly knew but just in casee....any suggestions madame smart

  13. Hi Rumpy, You might be surprised how much you like it, if you give it a try. I'm guessing jen would actually be doing the knitting correct!! LOL It is addictive though, that's the only downside. Congrats on all the big news!!!

    Hi Lorraine, Not really knit related territory my dear and Madame Smart can't help with this one. I'd do some Googling on the house issues you are having and see what comes up. Probably find the perfect solution. Lots of DIY out there too, hosted by experts. Mike Holmes comes to mind. Good luck.

    Happy Week Everyone. It's going to be another hot one here in BC I think. G

  14. PS: Make that DIY websites and blogs. ;<)

  15. Mike Holmes....I came across a few of his info I thing, rings a bell see I knew you'd know even on a knitting blog,

  16. Wow, those are lovely patterns, I am venturing into the world of crochet, but find myself more enthusiastic then talented....oh well maybe I can fall back on photography lol.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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