Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Mr. Cheddar Review: Innova Dry Cat Food


Mr. Cheddar here....

Yes, I have been snoozing quite a bit lately, what with all the oh so hooooot weather and all.

I love a good nap, almost as much as I love a good bowl of kibble.

And wowsa, Meowmie has recently found another winner in that department that I am just a  lovin' : Innova Dry Cat Food (regular and sigh...low-fat formula too.) Although why I would really need any kind of "low-fat" kibble is beyond my comprehension. But it seems to make Meowmie happy and it tastes great so who am I to complain.

And I do want to keep my slim physique in top form so why not watch the catories, right!!! Can't really improve on purrrfection but must try to stay the dreaded "bag belly" that seems to be a problem for so many felines I've met. Not me of course but it can happen! Yikes.

BTW, I love that babe on the Innova low-fat bag so that helped to convince me too.

Who says advertising doesn't work??? Snort.

Oh what a blue-eyed vixen....perhaps the company is reading this and can find a way for us to meet? I certainly hope so. I'm not getting any younger and the perfect female companion for me has still not appeared sigh...oh well, I live in hope. I know she's out there, somewhere...waiting for me too.

Perhaps this "bag lady" is THE ONE!!!

 And remember this sage advice, my dear feline and human fans:

 If it's the truth, it ain't bragging!

Innova gal, DOOOO RSVP, sooner than later. I will be waiting oh so impatiently for your email.

Anyhoo...back to this kibble. I love everything about it. Tasty, satisfying, keeps my tummy working from entry to exit (if you get my meaning snort....) in perfect harmony.

And Meowmie's given it the thumbs-up too in terms of ingredients, so no problems with getting her to bring home the goods.

Here's some information about this food from the Innova website:

For less active cats and cats prone to undesired weight gain, Innova developed our Low Fat Adult Cat Food. This unique formula provides all the same nutritional benefits of our regular Cat & Kitten Food, but with 50% less fat than Innova Cat & Kitten Food to assist with weight management in low activity or sedentary cats. In addition, we included L-carnitine to help metabolize fat and retain lean muscle mass.

Click through to their site to read the complete ingredient list and lots of other good information too.

I definitely give Innova dry cat food the "Cheddar- paws up"

And speaking of 'bag bellies"'s  Meowmie's final word:

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. Oh Ched, you give such an unbiased report. If I had a cat I would definitely buy this one. Your stamp of approval is so important.
    Headbonkhugs to you.

  2. Thanks Cheddar for the review, Boots did try the food and he was OK about it, although I loved it. Not that I did a taste test or anything. We now feed the Boo a very expensive vet version, but it works so who is going to complain.

    Fruit packers district, Kelowna is the answer to your question....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. will have to try out that food on my cats....they def are snoozing through the heat these days....we were gone the last 2 days so they were happy to tell us all about it when we got home today...smiles.

  4. Hi Teri, And Mr. Cheddar would love you to add a feline to your family! Maybe the gorgeous golden girls would like that too? And I agree, the Chedster is definitely a straight shooter when it comes to giving his unbiased opinion. ;<)

    Hi Jen, Mr. Cheddar is pretty finicky about his kibbles. And hardly any canned food gets his "paws up". As long as Boo is happy with his food, that's great. We gotta keep 'em happy when they make us so happy in return!
    Oh, never thought to guess Kelowna, I was thinking BIG city but it certainly is growing into one. I really liked Kelowna when I visited a couple of times,in the past. The downtown was so nicely designed and all the other beautiful views!

    Hi Brian, A long time ago, a vet mentioned how smart cats were (dogs too) to just chill and take it easy on really hot days. Some people could learn from that I think LOL. I hope you're new job is going great.

    Happy Weekend, G

  5. Mr. Chedder,
    This food sounds delish, I must say.

    I'm thinking the weight control version, may be good for Herbert - unfortunately he does have one of those floppy bellies you mention. Please don't let this get back to him, as I don't want to hurt his feelings.

    I'll have to see if this brand is available in the stores here. The cats enjoy the brand you reviewed sometime ago, and you always give reliable and excellent reviews.

    BTW, such a sweet photo of you snoozing - you are such a dear!

    Here the weather is nice and cool, making life in our upper floor apartment very pleasant after the tremendously hot month of July. I hope it cools down for you, sweetie, soon.

  6. Hi, Chedster,
    Cool review, as usual!
    You are so right about the lovely blue eyed beauty on the package.
    You sure should have a chance with her, with your fluffy good looks, and sophistocat personality.
    Let us know if anything interesting develops!
    Ciaoww, for now!
    (With no floppy tummy btw)

  7. Excellent review Chedster, you are so witty. And I agree, that is some blue-eyed vixen on the bag. I wouldn't call her the 'bag lady' though, might take it the wrong way. Keep them coming Ched, we love your reviews.

  8. I love that photo and your blog!

    Ger, I have your book. I am back in CT and getting organized. I will read it this week. It is beautiful.

  9. Dear Mr. Chedster,
    It's Herbert here.
    I just woke up from one looong luxerious nap, and took time to check out your latest review here. I do always enjoy your astute reviews, and sparkling comments.
    This does sound like good kibble, your Ms. Ger, (aka as Meowmie) does take good care of you. Certainly, I'm sure there is no need for the fat reduced type for you, you're a handsome feline in his prime.
    I have to admit, I do have some flabby stomach, but B. and Artie don't realize alot of it is fur really.
    Anyways, thanks for your fabulous reviews, and we always like having you drop by B's blog. Having a celebrity blogger drop by doesn't happen all the time as you might guess, at B's blog.
    We all plan to read the link for this kibble, and B says she'll see if it's available here.
    It's nice and cool here, we hope things will cool down for you.

  10. Hi Auntie Teri, So good to see you here again. I'm in awe of what you've created recently in your artistic pursuits, featuring oh so fab ME!!! We will share with the world soon dear Auntie. Can't wait.

    Hi Ms. Boots, Pray tell, is Boo and Boots and your name Boots, all connected in some way snort...just joshin' but I thought it was kind of a witty ??? Hope you aren't too warm, out there in the sunny Okanagan. Meowmie continues to whine, whine ...about the heat here. Sigh!!!

    Hi Mr.Brian, How I love your hair DO!!! I've asked Meowmie if perchance she can do something similar with my locks but so far, no go. Says it's too short on top. What do you think? I've been told you're pretty handy with a pair of scissors and a Creaclip. More joshin' snort...

    Hi Meowmie, We'll chat later!!!

    Hi Ms. Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, Oh, what interesting comments from all of you. I do hope you'll give this kib a try. Regular or lo-cal, it's all delish, strange but true. Not like most things that are reduced snort...I am pleased when you stop by and glad to stop by at Ms. B's blog too. Perhaps you two furry friends will be showing up over there in a post soon? Hope so.

    Hi Pawmie, Good point about the "bag lady" reference but surely she will know it's all in jest!!! It was one of my fav lines in the whole review. I don't want to take it out. She is a bag lady but in the most beautiful sense of the term!!!!

    Hi Ms. SandyC, Even though you are a doggie-lover I think you're swell. My Meowmie does too.

    Off to find a bit of a snack before nighty-night nap time,

    The Chedster, Still fearless and fabulous!

  11. ah my dear dear Ched please pray that Sammi comes back, see I have to leave I owe it to my other 2 cats, cause whell the wholes from the water upstairs are starting to make the plaster crumble an it won't be long before it crashed down, I will visit this old house of misery everyday in case Sammi comes back everyday so that she can smell me back and forth until she finds me....or maybe she wil choose to remain the mouser she is and won't able to live in an apt or even a house, or maybe whe found a house that has the little doors that lets in cats and lets them out, pleasse pray for my Sammi that the best outcome for her comes trues thank you sweetie xxx and to mommy tooxxxx

  12. No ched not moving, but this is a good idea, but I only have one male who would appreciated the va va va voom

  13. Hi Lorraine, We are thinking good thoughts for Sammi's safe return. Don't give up. Mr. Cheddar liked the vava voom comment!

    I had a lovely reply from the Innova company. Here's a part of that email:

    "We are thrilled that Mr. Cheddar really enjoyed Innova because we really enjoyed his review! Please let him know that the "Blue Eyed Vixen" read his post and finds him to be equally as cute, but she's terribly shy. :)"

    Too bad about the Blue Eyed Vixen being so shy but obviously was taken with Ched's literary talents and good looks. :<)

    Happy Weekend, G and Mr. Cheddar

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