Friday, June 1, 2012

MRLR June Cat-Lover's Contest (and May winner!)

Mr. Cheddar here.

Yes, I am spending a lot of time these days "chilling out" on the floor tiles and dreaming of the next big bug catch! Meowmie and I have also been putting together a prize package sure to please all you who are owned by felines for this month's contest, here at My Real Life Reviews!

Here's what's up for grabs this month:

Isn't this cool?

Meowmie actually wants this for herself but I told her no-can -dooodoo!!! Snort.

 This lovely cat-inspired tote has been kindly provided by Georgia's Gifts.

Here's a bit of info. about their feline-fab gift-galore website:

Georgia's Gifts is a website for cat lovers and gifts for cat lovers. Featuring Whimsiclay Cats, we continue to search for other whimsical ceramic and plush cats. cat home and garden decor, accessories and jewelry to add to our products.

You simply must stop by to check out all the goodies over at Georgia's place. She is an enchanting human and of course owned by felines herself. This tote bag is a mere sampling of the delights that await all feline-lovers. A great place to visit if you are looking for feline-themed gifts too, that are unique and oh so reasonably priced.


Our next prize:

The book: Crafting With Cat Hair is one that I've already reviewed here at MRLR:

This is a book that I can personally and whole-catedly endorse. You can read my full review here. And if you simple can't wait to see if you're the winner, there are ordering options included with my review.

 BTW, for all of you who have been inquiring about my hopes of meeting that babe on the cover, I'm still waiting for a reply email from this goddess! She is never far from my thoughts though, sigh...

Thanks to Random House for supplying a copy of this groooovy book, for this contest.

And last but certainly not least.

A feline sampler pack, personally chosen by me. Several sample bags of gourmet, personal fav cat foods will be included in the bundle! A whole lotta chompin' to follow. Sure to delight even the most discerning of felines!

Meowmie is in charge of packaging though, cello-tape and my fur do not make a good match! I leave the mundane tasks to the humans, whenever possible.  


The lucky winner will get all 3 prizes valued at over $50.

Contest open to residents of the US and Canada. Cat-owned humans only this time please.

Winner will be chosen by a random system. Contest ends June 30th.

To enter:  leave a comment below, including the names of your own felines, to be entered.

Winner will have 2 weeks to claim their prize, after the winner is announced the first week in July. If not claimed in that time period, a new winner will be chosen.

How easy and fun is that? Definitely human-doable, I believe! Snort!!!!


I'm looking forward to reading your comments/entries and DOOOOOO specify if any of the feline-females out there are also looking for love, I am listening. I can't wait forever for that cover-babe!

Laters, Mr. Cheddar, Feline Celeb Blogger, Fearless Bug Warrior and STILL looking for love.

Now Meowmie has something to add:

The winner of the Fab Foodie May Cookbook Contest is: RumpyDog!

Congrats, Rumpy and Happy Cooking!!!

and an update re: March Nature Clean contest:

Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams has now been chosen as the alternate winner for one of the gift packages as it was not claimed by the first winner (Jessica) who was previously chosen.

Brenda Cavanagh at Mullin Ave. Workshop was the other winner in this contest.

Winners have 2 weeks to claim prizes.

Send your mailing info to: myreallifereviews  at 

and I will get your prizes sent out.

Meow, Meow and Good luck everyone! :<)


  1. put me in. my wife would love the bag...and my cats the book....we have two....

    miko (12 yr old) girl
    domino (9 mo. old) boy

  2. Hi, there!!!

    It's me and Art here,

    Mr. Ched, you and you're Meowmie have most definitely out done yourselves with the feline giveaways for June.
    We would be delighted to win the bag of samples chosen by you...we are sure they would be awesome.
    B says that she loves Georgia's art and craft items, and subscribes to her website, just to enjoy seeing her depictions of cats. As well, the book is intriguing.

    Oh, and ...(just a minute, Ched)...what's that Arthur? Oh, and Artie says don't give up on your dreams of finding a lovely girl feline...he is positive there is always someone out there special for each cat.
    While I would support you as well Mr. Cheddar, I can't quite go along with Arthur's youthful idealism, but he has a good heart.

    Any ways, back to our subject...we would be pleased to enter this lovely draw.
    Wishing you and your Meowmie a purrrrfect weekend!
    P.S. Herbert (myself) I am 11 years and Artie is only 2 years.

  3. Oh that's so wonderful, and thank you so much...

    I do love reading your reviews, and in fact I now use the natural hair gel you recommended highly, and I love it.

    Thanks so much.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Oh boy, someone is going to be very happy here!
    Head bonks to the Chedman!!

  5. Having great difficulty emailing you, would you mind just dropping me another email? Sorry about that, it keeps coming back undeliverable.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. We looked over mom's shoulder, and saw this, and we had to hijack her keyboard when she wasn't looking ... What neat prizes, Mr Cheddar, especially the crafting with fur ... my mom always thinks she could stuff a mattress each week with the amount of fur we leave for her. She tries to teach us to pick up after ourselves -- but we choose to ignore the lessons!! What fun would that be?

    Purring as we type: Miss Magnolia, Truffie, Whisper, Shady Boudreaux ONeill, Goldie, Callie, Midnite and Tabasco!!

  7. Hi Brian, I love that totebag too! But as Ched says, no can do for me LOL. I'm thinking about buying one over at Georgia's its so pretty.

    Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, Cheddar says that we must NEVER give up on love, felines or humans alike. He added a snortttt...but I won't go there. Yes, the prizes are all grand, I agree.

    Hi Jen, SORRY about the myway issues. I can't get into any of my email accts. today either. My apologies. You can email me at:

    as an alternative. Rumpy (when you get here, same for you!) I don't know what's going on with myway, hope it's cleared up very soon.

    Hi Teri, Yes, I agree. Ched and I both were very happy with the prizes for this month. Headbonks back from the Ched to Auntie Teri!

    Hi Becca, Oh my....these are all your felines? How amazing and how cool! I'm so glad they did hijack the keyboard today. Yes, loose cat hair can be an issue but with this book, there's a way to make it into things that are oh so pretty instead.

    Good luck everyone!


  8. I know you said this was a contest for cats, but I have to share the house with one of those. He thinks he owns my person, but I think he's wrong. Anyway, I'm putting an entry in for my person. The cat who hangs out at our house is Scratchy and he just turned 14.

  9. This is a cool contest. Can't enter but someone is certainly going to get a great feline prize package. I agree with Brenda and her cats, you outdid yourselves, Mr. Cheddar and Ger.

    Good luck everyone.

  10. Hi Mr. Miller, I like that garb you are wearing in your avatar photo. Pray tell, would these items be available in feline sizes? I think it might be good to add to my babe magnet aura!!! Just joshin. I prefer my own fur actually. Although I'm always open to new ideas and adventures.

    Hi Ms. B, Herbert and Arthur, We are NEVER to old for romance. You boys are both in your prime IMO, age has nothing to do with it! I appreciate your good wishes on my love-quest and don't give up either, ok!

    Hi Ms. Muddy Boots, How I love your blog name! I prefer to keep clean and dry myself but I do like the vision this unique conjures up. Good to go with those Nature Clean products I'm guessing. Snort....aren't I the witty one?

    Hi Auntie Teri, How wonderful of you to stop by even though you have no felines to commune with. That can change of course. I highly recommend a feline addition to your home. We are the pets of choice, always!

    Hi Ms. Becca, Wowsa, that is some gaggle of felines!!! I want to come for a visit to Texas, please, please....are your girls impressed by my appearance and wit? I hope you will tell all soon. I'm not getting any younger, if any of these darlings would consider a move to Canuck land. Or perhaps, I could move there. I wonder how I'd look in a Stetson???

    Hi Meowmie, Will chat later, ok! I have a bone or two to pick but not in public.

    Hi Bongo Dog, Ahhh...yes, Scratchy. The name does ring a bell. I'm glad you took it upon yourself to enter for your human. Of course, Scratchy could stop by too. Is Scratchy a female per chance? Nothing like trying!!! I will never give up. Never. Snort....

    Hi Pawmie, It is indeedy a cool contest. I did all the creative work on this project but I did allow Meowmie the mundane tasks like the typing and packaging to come. She likes to feel useful too ya know!

    Yours, supremely feline: The One and Only, Mr. Cheddar.

    Good luck everyone.

  11. Hi - long time no chat. My cat Cinders and I would love to be entered. She must have heard me as the purring got louder.

  12. Kimmi, Sammi and Mikey say oh yeah baby we want it, and Mikey says Hey Cheddy, high five paws lol

  13. WOW, this is too good to be true. The post, I mean. The give-away is wesome cake icing.

    Well... we have KitKat, 5 years old.


    Miesha 1 year old

    and.... for the nexxt month or 2, her 4 kittens who are now 4 weeks old, named... Mooshoo, Clue, Primo and Karma.

    Thanks so much for this chance.

  14. oh and I want the bag,oh lovely do send me an e-mail sweety I'll worry

  15. My cat's name is Olaf, I know he would love to win something. Thanks!

  16. I'm not in any way a cat person, but I congratulate you for what you do!

  17. Mr. Cheddar is gorgeous! And I've heard of making things with dog hair, but never cat hair. How fascinating.

  18. sweety I don't know what 'my way' is your way there are so many so I'm giving my address here Lorraine Renaud 40 du patrimoine, Gatineau, Quebec
    J9H 3N7

  19. Hi Bongo, I'm sure Scratchy will appreciate your help with this!

    Hi Joe, I love all the prizes. I agree, someone is going to have a lot of fun with these!!!

    Hi Mr. Cheddar, Yes, let's chat later my boy! Such a catty fella you are.

    Hi Jackie, So nice to 'see' you again, glad you stopped in and do visit again soon. More contests already in the works!

    Hi Lorraine, Got it! myway is just another service provider for email. BTW, if you are looking for a freebie in this area, you might want to give them a try. I've been quite happy with the service and the price is definitely right. ;<)

    Hi Jannie, Welcome to MRLR and thanks for your entry.

    Hi Stephanie, And welcome to you too. LOVE your kittie's name, so regal!

    Hi SandyC, Definitely a doggie-person (and Clyde is glad of that I'm sure) but I know you can appreciate Mr. Cheddar's witty reviews and postings!

    Hi Talon, Do you have a cat Talon? send along their name if you do, to be entered in this contest.

    Good luck everyone! G :<)

  20. I wanna enter June Buggie, Hissy Fit Jones and my own Little Girl! woo woo woo!

  21. I love your giveaway I am going to check out the website as we always give cat themed gifts now I don't really know how that started but now it is a habit.

    We hve three beautiful cats
    LuLU Lemon


  22. That sounds like a cool site to check out as my youngest daughter is all about cats and that cat bag would suit her to a T! LOL As for the creating with cat hair, chloe's fur would make awesome things, it's so creamy and buttery looking and soft as down.

  23. Yes please! I am owned by Chassy, Sparky, Flame, and Flint, all four years old. They are 3 incredibly cute girls who torment their poor brother daily. Perhaps Mr. Cheddar has some words of encouragement for our Flame boy?

  24. Shame I can't enter this, being in South Africa and all but what a great idea and the prizes look fantastic. My 3 rescue kitties will be greatly disappointed. Our fund raising drives will also be sad not to see the "crafting with cat hair" book but, nevertheless, we'll continue striving forward, here in the deepest south of Africa, working towards fun ideas like yours to help the shelter animals.

  25. Hi Rumpy, You certainly do have a gang of great critters to live with! Consider the felines, entered.

    Hi DearDiane, I think you'll love Georgia's cat-themed products. I love this tote and there's more of those to pick from at her site too. Headbonks to your three felines from Ched!

    Hi Cathy, Your kitty would make for some gorgeous crafting, with fur that color. Mr. Cheddar is rather smitten on your felines, do they know that? ;<)

    Hi Anny, Mr. Cheddar says not to give up or back down Flame boy. Ched also had a sibling Ms. Mitzi who put him through his paces on a daily basis but he loved her at the same time. It's all good!

    Hi Long Life Cats, Sorry about the US and Canada only. I have to go with what the companies who supply prizes want, in terms of mailing. Too bad international postal rates are so high. I'm glad you stopped by though.

    Happy Week and Good Luck Everyone, G

  26. Geraldine and Mr. Cheddar (I your name!) I am currently owned by two cats, a brother and a sister named Stripey and Missy. They will turn lucky 13 next year :)


Thank you for your visits and feedback! :<)

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