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A Mr. Cheddar Review: Crafting With Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya

Mr. Cheddar here.

Yes, I'm finally back to blogging. It's so hard to get Meowmie off this computer most days and the humans won't stretch to buying me one for my own personal use. The word "cheap" comes to mind, considering what the humans do spend money on. I think they could definitely cut down on their own oh so generous food portions. But that's a whole other story that I'll share at another time, sigh...

The "action" shot snort....above, is from a recent Sunday, during my weekly grooming session.

Of course, we all need a bit of "sprucing up" even for felines as oh so handsome as I. Meowmie ( I must admit) does a pretty darn good job of keeping me looking my best. With the help of my fav slicker brush of course.

Talk about a pleasure toy!!! ;<)

I love my slicker brush almost as much as I love my fav kibbles! 

Heaven, I'm in heaven.

Oh what a feeling, what a rush....

Anyhoo, to get to the review part of this post and past my oh so photogenic self; Meowmie wants me to share a new book with you.

My first book review, I'm just juiced about that too.

After I got through with checking out that babe on the cover  ( I'll be your puppet, anytime!!! ) Meowmie and I started to turn the pages. And wowsa, what a cool craft book this is indeedy.

Meowmie is quite a crafty human but one thing she has never used as a craft material before is feline hair/fur. That's about to change, now that she's got this book.

Kaori Tsutaya, the author of this book, makes all kinds of fun crafts, decorated with felted cat hair. The book is full of all sorts of projects including: finger puppets, coin purses, book covers, tote bags, jewelry pins...all embellished with cat-hair felting.

Stop by the Amazon page to "click inside the book" and see some of the goodies.

So you're probably wondering how cat hair can be transformed into stylish accents for all these projects? Easy peasy actually. The cat hair is applied to each project, using a felting needle. It's not as hard as it sounds. Even my Pawmie has done some felting in the past and it came out great.

Click here to read more about how needle felting is done.The only real caution it seems is to watch those paws when using the felting needle. Oueeey, if you miss and stab yourself, instead of your work!!! I don't want to even consider how that would feel. Definitely not for young kids to try.

So now Meowmie is not only giving me my weekly grooming as per usual, she is also collecting up my gorgeous "fur droppings" for later use to make some of the projects in this book.

Even my "left-overs" are gorgeous aren't they, snort!!!

Anyhoo, it's going to be a while before Meowmie actually gets to any of these catty projects. She has a gazillion projects on the go already. But I dare say, none will be finer than those craft projects embellished with my wonderful fur-droppings. Not possible!!!

So humans, when grooming time rolls around for the felines you share life with, get yourself a cookie tin or similar vessel and start filling it with the fur collected on the grooming comb/brush. And get a copy of this groovy book to get those creative juices flowing too.

Meowmie noted this book is on sale at Amazon right now so it's a good time/place to put down the $$$ and start planning your own catty craft adventures.

Here's one last pic of me and an itsy bitsy bit of Meowmie.

She didn't want too much of her thighs to show, snicker...

Sorry Meowmie, just joshin!!!

Get this book, you won't be sorry.

It's a cat-doozie!!! I definitely give it the Paws-UP!

 Chiao for now, The Chedster (groomed and looking oh so fine)

And Meowmie's final word on the subject:

Overall rating for this book: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. What a cool use for cat hair Ched!! I always say I take enough off each grooming session to make a whole new cat! With black from Phoebe and creamy orange from you and Chloe, your meowmie coiuld make some cool halloween cats or decorations! I'm not crafty but if your meowmie wants I can send all the excess hair from my darlings to her for her projects!

  2. I think I saw the brush on television. So it works?

  3. Hi there, Ched,
    Now this is pretty amazing, and naturally I agree that the colour of the fur your Meowmie is able to collect is absolutely the best. B says she's seen a co-worker make lovely small animals with felted wool, so why not cat hair, and it certainly would make a fine texture, and very soft.
    I think your fur is more luxurient than me, I'm really short haired. Arthur is the beauty in this home, and he doesn't really go for as much grooming as me.
    Let me share a secret with you, I love getting vacuumed, it's like a wonderful massage, but then of course my fur wouldn't be available for any crafting.
    This was an excellent review, I sure enjoyed it. Arthur has just been sleeping all day - he's really not the reader in the family.
    Headbonks to you, and congrats on another first - your first book review!

    P.S. Hi Ched, in case you're horrified that I vacuum Herb, it's always been his choice. When he first moved in with me, and the first time I pulled out the vacuum, he flopped down on his back on top of the vacuum - so I decided to try, and now it's apart of our vacuuming routine. I guess his other family may have vacuumed his coat, before he came to live with me, and it's just something he really likes. :)
    High 4's on a great book review!
    I'll look over at Amazon, to read about it, although I probably won't start this, at least for now, I'm still making my way through a few crochet project.

  4. Excellent review Ched. And yes, congrats on the first book review. And what a good book to start with. You are certainly at your wittiest best.

  5. So if they can use cat hair, Jen should be crafting with mine!

  6. Hi, there Mr. Ched,
    Herbert is snoozing, and I got a chance to use B's keyboard - really he thinks I sleep all day, but I am far and away the more active one in this cat family. Now I agree with you that babe on the cover of the book is a realy looker - go ahead, why don't you see if your Meowmie can find the contact details on her. You are a most debonair sophistacat - and really should have no problemo with finding a lovey feline damsel...but i digress... your fur is truly so soft looking, and I'm sure your Meowmie could make some interesting projects using it - B does brush me, and I put up with it abit, but my coat doesn't really shed somehow - it's sort of long and silky, and although it looks fine, and shiny after a nice, SHORT grooming session, nothing really comes off in the brush.

    Well, I'm off to play a rousing game of soccer with my Bizzy Ball, (B says soon she's going to post about my ball handling skills), and try to wake up Herb, and then chase him around.

    B says she hopes you'll be sure and share here your felting with cat fur creations.

    Headbonks, and high 4's on a super first review. Please keep them coming!!


  7. Hi, Mr. Ched,
    You precious, sweet guy, I have finally got a chance to make a comment here on your book review. Herbert and Arthur were so thrilled today about your first book review - they are just so happy to find interesting writing specifically for a feline audience - that I had to let them have priority on the computer today.

    I must agree with them, this was a well written and interesting review - I really like the look of felted creations, and such an interesting idea to use cat fur - do they suggest using, ahem... dog hair, or is it not quite the right texture, being more rough, and less refined maybe.

    That puppet on the cover is really cute - and yes, the little cat is very pretty. Don't count yourself out, Ched you are a very fine specimen of cat, and your Meowmie keeps you looking so handsome with your shining fur, and all the wonderful healthy foods she provides you. You would be a good catch for any lovely foxy, girl cat!!!

    Good review. H and A told me to say again, "Keep them coming"!!

    P.S. Geraldine, I just wrote one more reply to your commnt on my post at Mullin.
    Have a good week ahead!

  8. Looks like a cool implement. Mr. Ched sure does know what he likes!

  9. Ms. Cathy, Yes, it would be so wonderful to have some of your beautiful felines fur to toy with. Personally, I'd prefer if I came along with the felines too. They are sure a couple of babes!

    Ms. SandyL, Pray tell, did you not read about this exciting book? Yes, I do love my slicker brush but that is not what I've penned about here.

    Ms. Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, Ahh..what a creative use for a vacuum cleaner. It does not personally appeal but I do know of several felines who find this quite a rush. Your mom should definitely consider getting this book. You two would be great for supplying cat fur of the highest quality for many crafty cat projects, I have no doubt.

    Pawmie, Yes, a book review was LOOOOOONG overdue but it's always a challenge to get the keyboard away from Meowmie's busy paws. I do plan to write more. Is "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" too dated??? Snort.

    Rumpy, Dog hair crafts have been around much longer than the feline types. Yes, by all means have your mom check out some books on the subject, there are several.

    SandyC, Again, the book my dear, the book. Perhaps Clyde might be interested too? Second thought, a bit on the short length for fur that doggie, maybe not.

    Happy Tuesday Human and Feline Visitors, The Chedster

  10. oo my cat wants a scratch like interesting to craft with the hair as well...that is like the ultimate in recycling...and maybe reduces the hair balls as well...smiles...

  11. Your cat is so cute, and reading your post from his "point of view" made me smile :)

  12. Hilarious and absolutely wonderful God he's adorable and that like 'peigne' is absolutely divine, gotta get one for my xxx ps Margie is busy with her new grandbaby whom she is babysitting

    1. Actually i think I can do it, without a book, darn i should have kept my hair cut at least 4 inches and they were fabulous could have done something stilll at the rate my 3 shed I know i can do something, and you know Ched you're just so awesome and handsome it's almost impossible to say no to you....yours truly, the other woman with cats

  13. I always knew there had to be something I could do with 8 feline-children's fur ... by now, I could have filled a king size mattress!! Thanks handsome guy for the tidbit!!

    Even the most handsome should enjoy a spa day involving massaging brushing!! :)


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