Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt

Salt. The salt of the earth...

...and such a basic staple seasoning/food for most people.

But the types and quality of culinary salt varieties available is growing by the day. Salt in recent years has been taken to a whole new level for many "foodies" and food-lovers in general.

I recently found out about Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt. I've been using sea salt for many years. I gave up using regular commercial "table salt" a long time ago. Regular commercial table salt is often heavily processed/mined from land-based areas and has "free-flow" anti-caking ingredients added to it, so that it will...flows freely. LOL

Sea salt is the result of a water-evaporation method of extracting salt from sea water. But again, how that process is accomplished varies quite a bit. Some definitely better than others.

I was impressed with what Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt had to say about their own method of processing salt. Also the addition of alaea (an edible Hawaiian red clay) to their salt, results in a higher mineral content and adds a beautiful coral orange color. The photo above doesn't do the color justice but it was the one I found on the company's website.

You can read the background of Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt here and also check out the company's complete product line. I also want to try their Margarita Gold Salt! Wow, what a color boost that would add to any dish.

As far as taste Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt has a pleasant, mild flavour. I have it in a grinder set to medium-fine grind and a little goes a long way in terms of perking up the taste of various foods.

Yes, I know. Too much salt is not good for any of us. But when salt is part of a recipe or for enhancing the flavor of foods, I want to use a good quality salt that I can feel better about ingesting. And I feel good about using Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt!

Reasonably priced too. The 16 oz. bag shown above is available at the company's website for $ 7.99 . There are also sample sizes for all their products available. I like that! So it's possible to try several and taste-test before buying a larger bag. 

The 16 oz. bag lasts a long time even for a salt- lover like me! LOL

Another interesting site I found with a lot of information about various salt types is SaltWorks. Fascinating reading actually, especially if you love cooking as much as I do. Saltworks also sells Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt as part of their product line.

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. This salt does have a good flavour and it is a nice coral color.

  2. I recently heard on NPR that gourmet salts are the latest hip thing. That's great, but I want taste. I'm guessing you liked the taste?

  3. Hi Sandy, Shouldn't be hard to get. I've included the two online sources above, both reasonably priced too. I noted that Saltworks has a free shipping offer on now too.

    Hi Joe, I love the color and yes, good flavour.

    Hi Rumpy, I think sea salt is getting to be fairly mainstream these days but I agree, the varieties keep popping up and yes, it is kind of cool! This salt tastes good. Mild, pleasant flavour. I'm looking forward to trying more of their products too.

    Happy Wednesday, G :<)


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