Saturday, February 25, 2012

Upcoming Prize Giveaways at My Real Life Reviews!

Starting in March, there will be monthly prize giveaways here at My Real Life Reviews!

Some of the companies I have worked with in the past year (and hopefully more from this coming year too) have graciously offered to supply prizes for the upcoming giveaways.

Stop by the first week in March to see what the prize is for the month and enter to win!

I love freebies and prizes! And I am so happy to be able to start hosting a monthly contest at My Real Life Reviews to share some wonderful product goodies with my readers!

Stay tuned and do share this contest information at your own blogs/sites if you can!

Good luck and Have a Wonderful Week, G :<)

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  1. Wondeful... I will let my readers know about your blog of freebies!

  2. Your blog is so much fun. God bless.

  3. Freebies are always good. I know you've got a lot of good prizes coming up.

  4. Geraldine, This sounds like fun! Will there be feline prizes?
    Just wondering! I'll just make sure B read here in beginning of March!!
    P.S. Headbonks to the Ched!

  5. oh what an angel you are, I swear I didn't know, I'm just trying to come back slooooowly x

  6. Hi Rachael, Thanks so much! :<)

    Hi SandyC, That's great to hear Sandy. It's always fun when freebies are involved I think! ;<) And I've already got some good ones ready to go.

    Hi Joe, I agree.

    Hi Brenda, I'm thinking about a cat/dog draw but of course the Chedster is totally against including D-O-G-S! I'm working on it though. I may even have more than one draw some months. The more the merrier, right!

    Hi Lorraine, It's so nice to see you again L. Are you blogging again? I know you've been missed.

    Have a Wonderful Week, G :<)

  7. I wonder what prizes Mr. Cheddar will approve of?

  8. How wonderful you are!

    I'll try my best to come back if I'm not too busy with Rose.
    I'm sure you will have great prizes ans someone will be very happy!

    Margie x

  9. Hi Rumpydog, If it was entirely up to me, there would be nothing but feline prizes available, natch! But Meowmie is calling the shots this time so I'm guessing some canine and humanoid prizes are definitely going to be in the mix!

    Hi Ms. Margie, Meowmie will be pleased to have you visit whenever you can. And she says, there will be prizes every month to win so lots of chances!

    laters, The Chedster aka Hunka Hunka Ched

    PS: And if you want to see me as an Elvis tribute artist extraordinaire, do stop by Meowmie's blog at: I was featured there recently, in my Elvis garb among other "disguises" meeeeeoooow!!!! So many talents, what can I say!

  10. You suer know how to keep it lively and interesting!

  11. Hi RumpyDog, I see our resident feline blogger Mr. Cheddar has already answered your ?? ;<)

    Hi Margie, There will be prizes each month. Possibly more than one prize some months too! I hope you can stop by to enter. Take care.

    Hi Mr. Cheddar, Oh Ched....yes, you do have so many talents, I agree.

    Hi SandyC, Thanks Sandy. I do my best! :<)

    Happy Mid-Week. Stay tuned,the first contest at MRLR starts tomorrow, G


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