Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jiffy Yarn from Lion Brand Yarns


I've been on a knitting binge lately, after a long hiatus from the craft. I have 3 projects on the go right now: My first Fair Isle project (a cardigan), a patchwork throw and a cable headband. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed knitting and how relaxing and de-stressing it can be.

It's good to be clicking again! :<)

I have also been trying to transition away from animal fibers like wool and silk due to the cruelty aspect of some production of these types of yarns. I recently went on a search to find a substitute for the mohair-wool blend, chunky weight yarn suggested for this cardigan I'm making (click to read more about this fun pattern) and found Jiffy Yarn from Lion Brand Yarns.  It sounded like a good option and I liked the extensive color choices that were available.

Well, it's been great! I've never been a real fan of any synthetic yarns but Jiffy is changing my mind about how they can look and how nice they can be to work with. This is one viable option if you are looking for a yarn with the look and feel of wool but without any guilt attached. And a much lower price point too.

Jiffy Yarn is currently on sale at Knitting Warehouse for only $ 2.89 for a 3 oz. ball. The yardage is great too. Solid shades: 135 yards. Multi-colors: 115 yards.

This yarn has the look of mohair. It is soft and smooth and has a nice sheen. And no problems with splitting that can happen with wool fibers.

I love the colors I got for my cardigan. The (flash) photos don't do them justice:


The main color is Dusty Pink and it's a gorgeous dusty rose shade that blends perfectly with the accent greens and pale pink in the pattern work section of this sweater.

The yarn costs for the complete project was just over $25 plus tax and shipping from Knitting Warehouse! The same cardigan made in a comparable wool yarn would have cost at least $ 50. or more. And I am really happy with how the cardigan looks so far. I've got 2 sleeves completed and am now working on the body of the sweater.

Speaking of Knitting Warehouse, I will be writing more about this company in the future here. Suffice to say, I was impressed by the very good prices they offer on many brands of popular yarns in addition to offering a full range of yarn-crafting supplies and resources.

Jiffy Yarn comes in a very good range of colors. Check out all the choices at Knitting Warehouse. I plan to make another one of these cardigans in winter colors too.
Fair Isle can be addictive! LOL. ;<)

If you have been looking for a good alternative to mohair-type (chunky weight) wool yarns  Jiffy Yarn is definitely one to try.  

Overall rating for this product: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. And it is good to see you posting more. Book done or break time?
    Beautiful colors in here. Gee, I haven't knit in years, you make me miss it.

  2. Geraldine,
    This yarn does have the soft look of mohair, and it looks like it knits up nicely.
    I'll be interested to read more about Knitting Warehouse.

  3. June Buggie loves knitting..... well, when somebody else does it!

  4. Hi Teri, Novel almost done, I'm finishing the rough draft this week. And then it's print and edit time. I knit on and off and when I do, I just love it. It's great having several projects on the go too, keeps things interesting.:<) I hope you do get back to it too. A great hobby, for so many reasons. And Jiffy Yarn is a wonderful choice for yarns!

    Hi Brenda, It is a very nice yarn, I was surprised and impressed. I have a post in the works about Knitting Warehouse, coming up soon.

    Hi Rumpy, LOL, Mr. Cheddar is in total agreement. He really likes to help with all yarn projects. ;<)

    Have a wonderful week, G

  5. You sweater is turning out great. This yarn really does look as good as wool.

  6. Heh June Buggie, I love to help with knitting too especially when Meowmie is not looking. Off I go with the end of the yarn, snort.... And chewing the yarn comes in a close second. ;<) Way better than any mouse toy!

  7. Hi, Chedster,
    Thanks for dropping by over at B's old blog, we always like to see your fierce bug warrior face (or as B would have it, your sweet, handsome face) :)
    Anyways keep up the good work - it's good to keep our humans on their toes!
    June Buggie, sounds kind of cute, is she a prospective, ahem...girlfriend, Old Ched?
    Headbonks and high 4's!
    Herb and Arthur

  8. oo def nice choice in colors...

    do drop that recipe that would be awesome...

    i am making grilled steak with sauteed peppers and sweet potato cakes....and naked apple tart....

  9. Hi Joe, It is such a good alternative to wool. I'm really happy with the results so far. If only I could nail down those buttons! ;<)

    Hi Mr. Cheddar, I like when you can sit and observe me knitting. But I definitely don't require any assistance, thanks anyways!

    Hi Brenda, You can see June Bug over at Rumpydogs. She is pinch-hitting for cupid over there today, tres cute!

    Hi Brian, I like all of it, except the steak being a vegetarian. You are a multi-talented man Brian; that's for sure. Have fun!

    Happy Week and thanks so much for stopping in, G :<)

  10. hey i thought i saw somewhere that you had another blog where you did a little writing but i can not find it on your i just imagining things?

  11. Wow it is gorgeous indeed, you look very sexy atta girl

  12. I have made several items using Jiffy. One I can tell you is a baby blanket I made for my son 20 years ago. He still has it, it is a beautiful dark teal. It is starting to come apart but the yarn itself has held it's color and the threads have held, no breakage as well as very little pilling. A secret I'll tell you, this blanket did not sit in the closet, he had it with him in his bed till he was probably 18. He loved his blankie! Jiffy is a fine yarn.


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