Thursday, February 16, 2012

Conair Infiniti Model CS54C Hair Curler/Straightener

A few months ago, I ordered the Conair Infiniti Model CS54C (hair curler/straightener tool) using up some of my oh so slowly earned AirMiles in the process. With my recent hair "snips" I thought this would be a helpful tool in keeping my hair styled, quickly and efficiently.

When the package arrived here, I took the time to read over the instruction booklet and check out proper usage suggestions for this product. I know a lot of people don't bother with instructions, safety guides etc, but I think it's a good idea, always.

What I was really surprised by was the large tag, attached directly to the cord of this product which read in big bold text:


That one stopped me in my tracks.

 Yes, I could understand a caution about being careful when using any kind of hair care appliance that involves heat. Of course they can cause burns if not used properly.


I decided to go to the source and contacted Conair directly.
Here's the email correspondence:

My initial inquiry:

"I recently ordered this item from AirMiles and when I received it I noted that it is NOT FOR HOUSEHOLD USE. I'm assuming its due to the electrical source x28;as in a salonx29; that is recommended for use. I am returning this to AirMiles, after they agreed to accept it as a return. Im wondering why this product is being offered on their site as a reward if its not safe for household use? I read the label but I know a lot of people who wouldnt bother. This looks like a lawsuit just waiting to happen, if there is an injury due to this product. Please let me know.

Reply from Conair:

Subject: Re: Product inquiry from

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email inquiry and for your support. Hair Straightener in order to be overall effective has to operate at a Salon high temperature. To achieve this the product must have a commercial rating and bearing the statement, based on the CSA Standard. The product is perfectly safe to use at home. Like any electrical appliance please review and follow the instructions that come with the product before initial use.

Best Regards,
My reply to their email:

If it is perfectly safe for household use it should not be marked NOT FOR HOUSEHOLD USE. You are contradicting your safety warnings. If it's not a safety hazard, then why have this warning on the cord sticker?
Well, I still wasn't convinced this was a product I wanted to use at home, with a normal electrical household current as a power source so I contacted AirMiles  (they are still offering this product as a reward btw) who did return the AirMiles I had used to buy this item and apologized for my inconvenience. A big waste of time for me and still no curling iron to use.

My question: If we have to start second-guessing safety warnings on tags, in instructions etc, then what are they good for? If this curling iron is safe for household use, why does it have a tag saying exactly the opposite, attached to the cord?
I think this is a very poor policy on the part of this company. I would be wary of buying anything else from Conair in the future, based on this experience. I want to feel confident when I am using any kind of appliance that it is safe and obviously for household use too!
As I didn't actually use this product, I can't say whether it worked well or not. At least I'm not out of pocket any cash or AirMiles, just my time. It was an eye-opener though.

As for this curling iron, I guess it's headed for the recycling bin!
Overall rating for this company/product: BAD. 0 out of 5.


  1. I agree!
    When I had longer hair, I managed to get my hair tangled in those curlers more than once, so I gave up on them.

    That should be on the list of stupid warnings.

  2. Geraldine,
    Well this warning is certainly confusing!
    I would as well have chosen not to use the iron with the tag attached.
    It's good to hear that Airmiles were helpful about the situation.

  3. Hi SandyL, I couldn't agree more. The company didn't seem to think so though...

    Hi Brenda, I'm glad I got my AM back too but I wasn't impressed with this company. If they have "warnings" like this on all their products, does it mean what it says or not?

    Hi Rumpy, Exactly what I said when I read their reply: HUH!!!

    Thanks for stopping in, G :<)

  4. They shouldn't be giving mixed messages when it comes to safety warnings on any products. This is just plain stupid on the part of Conair. Excellent review and heads-up about this company.

  5. Idiots maybe they meant don't use it to vacuum.. lol IDIOTS

  6. Some products have the oddest warning on them. One time when I got a apartment size washer and dryer, the warning stated not to put my hand in while the washer was spinning...?! Um duh? no shit sherlock I never woulda guessed it's not safe lol ridiculous. Glad you got your air miles back!

  7. Hi Joe, It was certainly an eye opener for me. I was really surprised by their email response too. Maybe this will be considered further by this company in the future. I hope so.

    Hi Lorraine, LOL, good one my friend. ;<)

    Hi Cathy, Yeah, that's another "gem". It was the absolute contradiction in this case that really amazed me. I'm glad AM gave me the miles back too. But it did take several emails and a phone call to get that finished. Time wasters...

    Happy Week and Buyer Beware! G :<)

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Thank you for your visits and feedback! :<)

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