Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mr. Cheddar Needs Your Vote!

Calling all Mr. Cheddar (and Facebook) fans!

Mr. Cheddar is entered in a photo contest and needs your votes.

Click here to vote and to check out the competition. I think he's a "paw-in" but I am biased!!!!

Thank  you for your support. :<)


  1. I have voted for the Chedster, and hope he wins.
    I agree he's a "paws in" definitely!
    Go, Mr. Ched!
    P.S. Mr. Ched could also enter in "Most entertaining Feline Reporter", I think.

  2. He sure is a paw in. Beautiful guy that he is. He's got my vote!

  3. oh it's a sure win, who could beat the ched, of course I'd vote for him

  4. Let me make it abundantly clear, I am NOT a lazy cat! I only allowed myself to be called lazy for this contest. The gift basket being offered is quite spectacular!!! Thank you for your support. But of course, as Meowmie says, I am a "paw in" to win, don't you agree?

    The Chedster, Celeb Blogger and Fearless Bug Warrior....heading for a nap!!!! Snort.

  5. what a cute pic! wish i was on FB so that i could help out...

  6. Hi Brenda, Thanks for your support but you need to vote on FB for this to count towards winning. If you don't have a FB acct. Ched and i still appreciate the thought but if you do have a FB acct, please "like" the Ched's photo at that link. Thanks so much.

    Hi Teri, He is a handsome fella, I agree!

    Hi Lorraine, Yes indeedy!

    Hi Ched, It had to be a "lazy" pose to enter, this is the closest I could find in the Ched archives. OF COURSE you aren't lazy!!!!

    Hi Brian, Thanks anyways. He is a cutie.

    Hi Sandy, Thanks so much.

    Happy Start to Winter. It's going to be a "brown" Christmas here it seems. Snow pleasssse....G

  7. I voted !
    Love that handsome Mr Cheddar! x

  8. Ched is always a winner! He is a paw-in to win this contest too. Definitely not lazy though.

    Ched's Pawmie Joe


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