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The Litigators by John Grisham

I've been a fan of John Grisham's work for many years. Just when I thought he couldn't get any better or provide a new "angle" to his novels; along comes The Litigators.

What did I like about this book? In a nutshell: everything. Entertaining from the first page to the last. Characters that literally  "jump off the page" with their authenticity. A page-turner that I read in two days and that would have been even less time, if I hadn't had other things I had to do.

I really couldn't put this one down!

So what made this one different from other John Grisham books I've enjoyed to date? I found myself laughing so much as I was reading along. Really loud, can't stop, side-splitting laughter.

Not that there isn't usually some clever, witty content, in most of Grisham's books. And again, that is often a result of the true- to- life characters that he is so skilled at creating. But several parts of this book are truly hilarious in addition to the usual suspense and drama that are in keeping with Grisham's signature style.

The twists and turns of the plot continue to the very last chapter. Complete with a satisfying ending that ties up all the loose ends (so many novelists fall short in this respect) but the norm when it comes to a Grisham novel.

A bit about the plot....

If ever there was a stereotype for a "seedy lawyer" Wally Figg is one of them and in spades. Wally and his partner world-weary Oscar Finley, have been waiting (and waiting) for that "big break" for over 20 years that will free them up from the "nickle and dime" cases they've been handling at Finley & Figg for far too long.

Wally Figg (multiple divorcee) and his new, oh-so tacky girlfriend DeeAnna provide a big part of the LOL's in this book. If ever there was a sleazy couple, made for each other, it's these two. Some clever "accounting practises" on the part of Wally also include DeeAnna. Suffice to say, it makes for some hilarious and engaging reading, throughout the story.

By a series of events, that seem to be coincidental at the time; a young, upwardly mobile but burnt-out and disillusioned lawyer by the name of David Zinc "lands" drunk as a skunk at their office one afternoon. This sets off a series of events that will change the course of Finley & Figg forever.

From the Amazon product page:

"The partners at Finley & Figg—all two of them—often refer to themselves as “a boutique law firm.” Boutique, as in chic, selective, and prosperous. They are, of course, none of these things. What they are is a two-bit operation always in search of their big break, ambulance chasers who’ve been in the trenches much too long making way too little. Their specialties, so to speak, are quickie divorces and DUIs, with the occasional jackpot of an actual car wreck thrown in. After twenty plus years together, Oscar Finley and Wally Figg bicker like an old married couple but somehow continue to scratch out a half-decent living from their seedy bungalow offices in southwest Chicago.

And then change comes their way. More accurately, it stumbles in. David Zinc, a young but already burned-out attorney, walks away from his fast-track career at a fancy downtown firm, goes on a serious bender, and finds himself literally at the doorstep of our boutique firm. Once David sobers up and comes to grips with the fact that he’s suddenly unemployed, any job—even one with Finley & Figg—looks okay to him. "

And speaking of Amazon  this book is currently ranked at #15 in books, as I write this review. Not surprising. One of the things that was mentioned repeatedly in the Amazon reviews I read was that John Grisham seems to have had a lot of fun writing this book and I definitely agree with that. Hopefully this will be made into a movie too.

The Litigators  joins my list of Grisham all-time favorites which to date include: Ford County (short stories), The Street Lawyer and The Rainmaker.

If ever the term "you're not getting older, you're getting better" applied, that's what I think of John Grisham and his first-rate writing. No wonder he's called "America's Favorite Storyteller". And certainly not just for Americans either; his fans are everywhere!

 Keep them coming Mr. Grisham! I only wish you wrote more than one book a year. They don't last long when I start reading one.

The Litigators is a must read for Grisham fans and for anyone looking for an entertaining, suspenseful AND humorous novel. Would make a great gift too.

Overall rating for this book: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. I love John Grisham I use to pick any book from him, it's been a while 'cause I have mood, for a long time I was on legal stuff, then I switched to thrillers, murders and mayhem and serial killers, now I'm on extremely funny book as in Sophie Kinsella and Carole Mattews 'have you ever read, 'the chocolate club' it's hilarious I can't find the no 2 The chocolate club diet, it's from UK and Ihave no credit cards, so I just hope to get lucku.. myfavourite from John though was I can't remember the name, but it was a last appeal on death row,anyhoo maybe I'll get back in the moood who buy if I see the you mentionned from John I'm getting it, In fact since it's new and I'm going shopping today I hope to see it lol thanks for the review, that's all I needxxx have a great weekkend

  2. Geraldine,
    This does sound like a good read!

  3. I am going to the library on Tuesday. Hoepfully, this will not be out. He is a great writer, for sure.

  4. Wonderful writer and I do love his books!
    Have read many!
    Must read this one as you recommend this one so highly!

    Great review G, and thank you for it!

    Happy weekend!



  5. Excellent review. I can vouch for the fact that you were laughing, long and loud, reading parts of this book. I want to read this one too.

  6. Hi Lorraine, I think you'll enjoy this book,especially if you already like John Grisham's work. I'm sure you'll enjoy the humor in this one too.

    Hi Brenda, It really is.

    Hi Sandy, If not, there's always the reserve list. I know it's booked up here for a long time, at the library.

    Hi Margie, Thanks for your kind words and do let me know if you read this one Margie.

    Hi Joe, It was LOL funny in parts, so true. Great book, I think you'd enjoy it too.

    Happy Reading, G

  7. Sounds great. I just went over to the library and reserved the ebook. Hmm,I am #50, but it moves pretty fast. Thanks for the review.

  8. Love seeing your picture here on the sidebar Mr. Ched;
    It is truly a sweet picture.
    Headbonks and High 4's from H and A

  9. Sounds like a winner. He is a great writer. His books are better than his movies. Now he is writing for kids, which is very cool!

  10. Hi Teri, I think you'll enjoy this book Teri. 50 on the list, I'm curious how that works re: ebooks and libraries. I guess they have to limit their downloads of each book, per week perhaps? I know they have some books available here for ereaders but I still prefer good old paper copies!

    Hi Sigit, Thanks for your visit and very kind words. I hope you will stop by again soon.

    Hi Brenda, I thought it only fitting that Mr. Cheddar be added to the sidebar, given that he is the co-host of MRLR. His reviews are very popular and he is still looking for love! And I agree, it is a sweet photo! ;,)

    Hi SandyC, I usually prefer the book to the movie version although when it came to "A Civil Action" (not a Grishmam, I know) I enjoyed the book and the movie equally, although the book had a lot more detail which was great. Based on a true story also adds to the enjoyment for me too. But that's a whole other topic...Let me know if you read this one. It really is entertaining from start to finish.

    Happy Week, G :<)

  11. I finished it last night and enjoyed it.

  12. Happy Birthday John Grisham! 1955 was such a good year for writers. Cars too!

    Happy Week, G :<)

    Teena, thanks for stopping by. I'm planning to re-read this book at some time in the future, I enjoyed it that much.

    I'm also looking forward to Calico Joe, just noted in the JG newsletter today that it will be avail in April. A shift in gears for Mr. Grisham. He continues to entertain and surprise me! And his millions of fans, of course.

  13. Wow-this book sounds really interesting! Can’t wait to read it. Thanks!

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was very hard to put down once I started reading it. John Grisham has once again created a winner. I am an avid fan of his and love to read his books.
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