Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Groovy Holiday Wish

Ain't he the cutest?

Mr. Cheddar may not like hats but he sure makes me laugh when he wears one; even if it's only the painted-on type this time! LOL

We both want to wish you a very happy and safe holiday and all the good things in 2012.

Thank you to my readers for all your visits, comments, emails and continued support, here at My Real Life Reviews. I appreciate your feedback and every time you drop by, so very much.

And to the companies and their representatives who have sent along their comments, compliments and yes, sometimes great gifts too! Of course, the gifts usually only arrive when I've really enjoyed a product and shared it here. ;<)

I "tell it like it is" and I hope my sincerity is evident, with every review that I write.

 It's been so much fun hosting this blog, during my first year. My only regret, I wish I had started  even sooner! I am glad that I did take the suggestion from a couple of online friends and went on to create: My Real Life Reviews.

I didn't know what to expect when I began, but the reality has exceeded my expectations, in so many ways. It's been a very positive and rewarding experience.

I look forward to sharing many more products with you in the coming months. And Mr. Cheddar (of course) has a number of reviews in the works/paws too!

Enjoy the best of the holiday season!

Savor every special moment...

Geraldine and Mr. Cheddar


PS: I am taking a blog-break in January to complete my novel so I won't be posting at any of my blogs during that month. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy browsing the MRLR archives.
See you in February!  :<)


  1. You m'dear G and of course the Chedster have been a source of great comfort and knowledge and I am very grateful to you,always Have a Wonderful, wonderful Christmas, love you bothxx

  2. Merry Christmas Geraldine!
    I enjoy reading your reviews, and look forward to more to come.
    Herbert and Arthur wish Mr. Ched a very happy holiday too!
    Cool picture of the Ched - he looks very debonair, and festive at the same time.
    Happy Writing!

    P.S. The Santa hat rocks on you Chedster! High 4's!!!
    H and A

  3. LOVE the hat Ched! It is so you. You are such a fashion model.

    Merry Christmas to you and your Meowmee. Tell her to work hard and get the book done so I can read it.

    May you all enjoy your holidays.

  4. Oh that cat is just adorable. I'll bet he has fun at the tree. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Geraldine. Have a lovely holiday and good luck with your book. :)

  5. smiles...i hope you have a lovely christmas...nice hat! my cat would never let me put one on him...haha

  6. Hi Lorraine, What a lovely comment, I am truly touched by your kind words Lorraine, thank you!

    Hi Brenda, And there are many more in the works, from me and the Ched too! Thanks for your continued support at all my blogs, it is appreciated.

    Hi Teri, He is such a cutie, I couldn't agree more. Although when it comes to wearing "real" hats, it's pretty hard to make that happen. My attempt at painting one is kinda fun though, LOL.

    Hi Hilary, We don't have a tree, I miss that but it's kind of hard with cats. I gave up on trees at XMAS many years ago. Thanks for your kind wishes Hilary.

    Hi Brian, And of course the Ched feels much the same way! Your Christmas post today was spot on Brian, loved it!

    Happy Holidays and Many Hugs from Me and Ched, G

  7. Mr Cheddar, you are so very handsome!
    I send my best wishes to you and your sweet mommy for a wonderful Christmas!

    G, your reviews are wonderful, thank you for them!

    Margie xo

  8. Great reviews from both of you. Can't wait for the novel to be finished. And more reviews too.

  9. merry christmas:) i love cheddar's hat. effective.

  10. Merry Christmas to you and your guys, Geraldine. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  11. All I want for the new year is a hat-FREE year!!! Snort....

    Meowmie and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2012. We'll be pawing up lots of reviews here in the coming months so:

    You all come back now...ya here!!!

    That's some old funny stuff from my Meowmie, I would have come up with something better but she is typing this as I rest on her "ample" lap!!!

    Laters, The Cheddar! ;<)

  12. oh also I just wanted tolet you know that if you need a proofreader, I'm super, I use to be told I had the eye of an eagle, I'd catch everything, exept of course my own writing, it'shorrible the typos and the mistake...all you'd have to do is e-mail it to me and I'd copy it frm my printer so I can sit comfortableon the couch while I go wow, no mistake, that's no Imean it though...gosh at least Ihope I havent' lost my touch, it's been a while :)

  13. oh ps I'm cheap if it's very short 2.00 Canadian
    if it's very long like couple of hundreds it's $22.00 andif it's just a paragraph it's 22 cents just for the pleasure of sayingoh yes Imake money working from home, although I'm not allowed

  14. Hi Margie, And you are a sweetie too. Thanks for all your visits and comments this past year. All appreciated Margie.

    Hi Joe, I wish I could cut out sleep! Never enough time in the day it seems. But I need a deadline to complete my book project so some things have "gotta give" . I'll miss blogging for a bit but will be back in February.

    Hi Ed, Ched, see even a man thinks you look good in hats LOL!

    Hi SandyL, I hope you and your family have a great holiday too.

    Hi Ched, Oh Ched, you just look so cute with a hat on, I can't resist putting one on you now and then! But spring is almost here so no hats required LOL. Thanks for being such a good co-host at MRLR. Your reviews are very popular!

    Hi Lorraine, Thanks for your offer Lorraine, you had mentioned it before. Maybe you should advertise on your blogs about this. I agree that it's often easier to see other people's mistakes. When it comes to blogging and comments though, for me it's usually because I'm in a big hurry and typing waaaaay too fast. Good luck with finding home-based work though.

    Happy New Year, G :<)

  15. You are awesome, lady! Happy New Year!

  16. Never mind that I'm just sohappy to learn so much from someone I trust and I pray that you keep on getting all kinds of goodies in 2012

  17. wishing you a lovely time away. may you enjoy every word of your book. lovely New Year and beyond to you~

  18. Hi SandyC, YOU are awesome, dear Sandy! Thanks for your continued support and from the very first day here at MRLR, it means so much.

    Hi Lorraine, Thank you for your kind words L. I've enjoyed hosting MRLR this past year for so many reasons. The "goodies" are just part of the fun. ;<)

    Hi Tammie, It's going to take some real effort to reach my goal of a completed first draft by the end of Jan. but I'm going for it. Thanks for your kind words and all the best to you too.

    Happy 2012! G

    PS: For those who have voted for Mr. Cheddar at the photo contest on Facebook, thank you so much. He is now in the lead!!!

    Contest ends mid-January so still time for more votes to "pad that lead" LOL. Thank you from me and the Ched. I'll get some good pics of him opening his gift basket to share in February, here's hoping!

  19. Just stopping by, to wish you and the Ched a happy and healthy new year.
    Thanks for all your encouragement and helpful thoughts and ideas this past year, Geraldine. I'm so glad to have "re-connected", with you.

    You have provided so much, to your readers, in the way of thoughtful suggestions, and ideas; beauty with your poetry and pictures, and prose; fun with your stories and pictures of Mr. Cheddar; honest reflections about life; you are a good friend to many through your wonderful blogs.
    And I have to say, I'm not all that surprised - I think you've always been a creative soul, and a good friend.
    Good wishes to your Joe as well!
    Headbonks to the Chedster from H and A!


Thank you for your visits and feedback! :<)

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