Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Mr. Cheddar Review: Petstages Easy Life Hammock & Scratcher

Mr. Cheddar here!

Hope you are all enjoying the mad scramble right now to find those purrrfect feline gifts for all your favorite, fluffy, fabulous, fun and furry friends. FFFF.....can be such a useful letter snort....ooops!!!

Back to the topic at paw...As I've stated in the photo above, product-testing can be soooooooooooo tiring some days. Meowmie finds all sorts of things for me to check out. Some good, some ok and some headed for the litter bin! 

When it comes to this latest "find"...the Petstages Easy Life Hammock & Scratcher: I'd give it an OK but nothing I'd personally use.

This "hammock" is actually two cardboard scratcher boards, that are fitted together to form an X shape. Meowmie finally managed to figure out the complicated and brain-taxing (snorrrrt..) assembly after studying the directions that came with it. She was truly fortunate I was there to help though. Abstract shapes are NOT her strong-suit! 

So, we got this put together and then Meowmie sprinkled the catnip (included) liberally over the top of this thingey. She then (oh horror of horrors!!!)  proceeded to "hoist" me up on the top where I was supposedly meant to recline and relax.

Puuuulllleeease...when I want to relax, I want to stretch out to my full and glorious length. And I make no apologies for being ahem...15 lbs.plus either. All muscle and sinew, not an ounce of fat here. And don't get me started on "bag-belly" fat with Meowmie reading this. There may be serious consequences if I spilled that hamper of dirty laundry of the human-kind, in public. 

Ok, to cut to the kibble.... This hammock/scratcher combo MAY be ok for the little, dainty cats out there; this might be an item to add to the feline furniture around your home.

To digress just a bit and I simply must at this point. Speaking of graceful, dainty female felines...I am still looking for L-O-V-E, my dears. Send me your photos (the naughtier the better!!!) and bios.

It may be hard to imagine but I am even better looking in reality and I am just getting better with age. Kind of like a fine, vintage, how shall I put this... chunk/hunk of CHEDDAR! So witty too!!!

Write soon. I will get back to you when things slow down here a bit. Promise!

Ok,  back to the hammock... This is NOT for the larger felines out there like me, who need space to really stretch-and-chill properly.  If you are 10 lbs. or less, maybe, just maybe this is something you might want to consider and refer your humans to. But don't regret a pass on this if you are big and beautiful. You ain't missing out on much, in my expert opinion!

It's an ok extra scratching surface too, although personally, I still think nothing can beat the back of the sofa; wow...that's really shaping up/falling apart nicely!

 Just kidding Meowmie. Meowmie...where are you going???

Gotta go... Christmas is on the way, can't jeopardize my extensive gotta-have list at this point, must cut off Meowmie and re-route her to the kitchen. That's her fav room it seems, snort....

Laters, The Ched, Fearless Bug Warrior and Celebrity Feline Blogger...

Giving this product a no-go for personal use, but may be ok for smaller felines.

and Meowmie's (yeah, like she tested this... but must keep her sweet!!!) 

Overall rating for this product: Fair. 2 out of 5.


  1. Mr Ched, you are a hoot! You remind me of pepe le peu without the stink o'course and I find. Myself wanting to dress up my girls all sultry like and post pics for your perusal lol

  2. I guess we know how he feels about this!

  3. Chedster,
    This was an excellently written review.
    We wouldn't find this "hammock" comfortable either, as we're both in the muscular chunky/hunky range too.
    BTW, one day we will have to tell you about the time B glued silly, plastic covers on our claws, so we couldn't scratch. Jeesh!!
    Anyways, we'll be watching for any news in your search for L-O-V-E.
    Keep up the reviews!!
    We think you're the Cat's Meowww!!!!!
    Herbert and Arthur(much younger, than Herb, and extremely handsome) (Just a note for any lovely Girl cats)

  4. Oh Ched, you certainly didn't hold back with anything here, did you? Rather tough on his Meowmie, I think. But I do agree, this is not for the larger felines out there. And Chedster IS better looking in reality, it's true.

  5. Hi, there, dear Mr. Ched,
    This hammock looks quite nice, but I can see it might not be quite comfortable for you.
    I think Herbert and Arthur would feel the same - no room for luxuriating stretches and a good snooze.
    Nice review, you're writing gets better and better!

  6. Ms. Cathy, Oh puuuulllease DO get some of those pics sent of your lovely girl felines. I have noted their beauty when Meowmie visited your blog one day, and they were featured there. Yes, yes, yes....and remember, naughty can be nice snort....

    Ms. SandyL, Ya got it in one. NOT for me!

    Herbert and Arthur, No, definitely not an item to add to your holiday gotta have lists. And oh, no about those claw-covers, yikes! What will those humans think of next. Perhaps a little customizing of the back of the sofa might be in order there as well? Always gets a rise out of the humans here, let me tell ya!!!

    Hi Pawmie, I tell it like it is, what can I say. And yes, I am soooooo much better looking in catson, I agree 110%

    Hi Ms. Brenda, No, definitely not for your guys. Thank you for noticing my considerable writing talents. Meowmie is so outclassed when I paw a review!!!!

    Laters, The Chedster

  7. Oh my dear dear Mr. Ched you are the cat's miauow , yeah really you should get a throne, my Kingly Ched < I bow lol

  8. Hi Cathy, I think Ched would enjoy seeing those photos very much! He is a hoot, I agree. :<)

    Hi SandyL, Definitely not a paws-up for this one!

    Hi Joe, Did he have to bring up the "bag belly"??? Not that I have one of course LOL!

    Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, This hammock would definitely not be big enough for the guys there. I don't really think it's that comfortable for any cat to lounge on, being a scratch surface, not something soft and plushy. that's always Ched's preference.

    Hi Mr. Cheddar, Oh Ched....you are so talented and funny. We love you Big Guy, even when you are tres catty and sarcastic!

    Hi Lorraine, He really is. Oh and the King part, he's loving that btw.

    Happy Wednesday, G :<)

  9. Mr. Ched is a treasure!

    Margie x

  10. Mr dear Mr Ched, you always bring a smile to my face. Hugs to my handsome nephew and your Meowmie.

  11. Oh Dog! I should get one of them for June Buggie..... he's not a "dainty" kitty either.... ROFL

  12. Hi Margie, He is indeed! :<)

    Hi Teri, And we send hugs right back to you Teri. Take care...

    Hi Rumpy, June Bug is a boy? You learn something everyday. I thought June looked pretty dainty in photos actually. I'm sure you'll pick out something that's just right!

    Happy Weekend, G

  13. Mr. Cheddar, you are an awesome writer!

  14. Mr.Cheddar,U r awesome.
    Lots of Love...


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