Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Color

After trying out and reviewing the wonderful hair-cutting systemCreaClip a week ago and giving my hair a significant snip; I continued with my hair-improvement "mission" this past weekend.

My tresses got a long-overdue hair coloring, using Tints of Nature in 5N Natural Light Brown. I actually had left my hair very neglected in terms of any coloring for over a year. Giving it a rest I guess. And rather lazy on my part too. And it certainly needed coloring, especially at the front where my hair had become a real mess of grey, white and faded brown. 

 Here's a photo taken at the front of my head, before coloring:


Photo after coloring with Tints of Nature. Natural Light Brown:


This is a flash photo (not the best) as it was rather dark and cloudy here on the weekend. The color is  a rich, even brown. I would say more of a medium brown actually.  My hair also feels like it's in  better condition, after coloring with Tints of Nature, softer and easier to style. Best of all, the fresh color is a big improvement over my former "patchwork grey"  look!


From the Tints of Nature website:
Tints of Nature is the only available line of permanent hair colors to use natural, certified organic ingredients wherever feasible. The highly effective formula also has a naturally derived base. It is paraben free and contains no harsh ammonia, resorcinol or nonoxynol, thus helping to ensure damage free results. We use extra mild, low odor, pharmaceutical grade peroxide and the lowest possible percentage of PPD pigments (Paraphenylenediamines) - ranging from 1N (the darkest) at 2.0% to 10XL (the lightest) at 0.03% - giving an average of 0.6% across the line. You can darken your hair by several shades, lighten it by 1- 1 1/2 shades, simply match or even enhance your natural color, and gently but effectively cover all gray hair. You can choose the color and we take care of the condition - leaving your hair soft and silky with a deep and lasting shine.

What did I like about this product?

First of all, any hair color product that cuts down significantly on harmful or questionable ingredients has my vote and interest, right off the bat. Having said that, it's still got to work and work well.

Tints of Nature actually colored my hair better than the mainstream commercial permanent color brands (ie Clairol etc..) I used years ago. In recent years, I had been trying out a variety of semi-permanents and other products like henna, sage rinse....

It wasn't messy to apply. When mixed and ready to use, it has a thick consistency that barely dripped.

There was plenty of product to cover all my hair and I have a lot of hair!

The kit came complete with a generous sample of color safe shampoo and also a conditioner.

And what didn't I like?

 When the hair color product was first mixed and applied to my hair it had a strong, kind of "fishy" smell, which lasted for several minutes and then diminished. Not unbearable by any means but some odor, which is not unexpected with hair coloring.

The shampoo was rather frothy and hard to rinse out, I realized afterwards that I could have used only half the packet to wash my hair and it would have been enough.

 The conditioner had a strong, perfumey scent which I didn't like but again not unbearable. I'm not much of a fan of strong scents in products at any time.

Not a negative comment but it would be great if this company offered a smaller re-touch size product kit as well. I don't like throwing away product that I can't use and this full-size kit will definitely be too much product when I re-touch my hair in a few weeks from now. And re-touch I will!

I'm so happy to finally "wash that grey right out of my hair". It was long overdue.

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. Geraldine,
    I notice that your hair does look silky and smooth in the second photo, with more shine I think. This colour must give good conditioning too, (as you do mention).
    Sounds like a good product.

  2. P.S. Does the Ched have his own blog now?

  3. Your hair looks great. The color is so nice. The photo doesn't do it justice.

  4. Hi Brenda, It is a good product, I will definitely use it again. The flash photo was a necessity as it was so dark outside here on the weekend, no natural light to work with at all. Mr. Cheddar does not have his own blog but he will be posting a new cat food review here soon. It's in the works!

    Hi Joe, Thank you and I agree, a lot better than the photo.

    Happy Mid-Week, G :<)

  5. I'm glad you feel good about your hair!

  6. Hi SandyC, It's given me such a lift! First the major CreaClip snip and then this great coloring product. Both of them worked great. And if our hair looks good, we feel good, right! No wonder it's a billion dollar industry.

    Hi Tammie, It really is. I've washed my hair a couple of times already since coloring and it's staying true to color, without any fading. Another keeper, when it comes to products I'll definitely use again!

    Happy Weekend, G :<)

  7. Hi Geraldine,
    We distribute Tints of Nature in Australia and are delighted you love it as much as we do!

    For your benefit, you don't have to use all the product in one application - just mix equal amounts of the colour and activator and apply to your hair roots for a touch-up. Make sure you store the remaining mixture in a cool, dark place with the lids tightly screwed on and it should last a few months, no problem.
    Hope this helps!

  8. I should been careful about reading all the ingredients on the label about tints of nature. I have allergies to hair dyes and can not use anything on my scalp with PPDs and/or peroxide. I did not think a low dose of these two items would affect me. I had a terrible rash the next day after using the dye (dark toffee blonde) on my scalp and had to take benedryl for several days to survive the ordeal. If you have ANY skin allergies, trust me, this product does not work for you!

  9. Hello Geraldine,

    i have seen your review about herbatint and hence got this page, where you have referred Tints of Nature. Have check the reviews on this product too and i am happy that there are 75% happy customers in here. I would really want to buy this product, but not sure how to get it in Dubai. Could you please help me??

    thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Sapna, I would send the company an email. I'm not sure of their distribution in your area. Hopefully they can help with this. Good luck!

  10. I checked the ingredients list and I see few bad ones, PEG in primis.


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