Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CreaClip (haircutting system)

It's not too often that I can say I am very excited about a new product. But that's exactly how I feel, after giving CreaClip a try, this past weekend.

If you are tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars every year on haircuts and trims for you and for your family, CreaClip can provide a welcome $$$ break and not at the expense of getting a good haircut either.

I wanted to give this product a try by having someone who has NO haircutting experience to test it out. My husband Joe was perfect for this hair experiment! Not only does he lack any kind of haircutting training, the whole idea of cutting hair BEFORE trying CreaClip, scared him silly! Now he wants to open his own salon LOL. He actually said it was fun. And it took out all the guesswork when it came to cutting hair. 

On the other hand, I do have training as a hair stylist from years ago and still cut hair for friends and family now. But I know for anyone without that kind of training, cutting hair can be a daunting task. And definitely with unpredictable (and yes sometimes really bad) results.

Enter CreaClip. Talk about an innovative product.

I won't go into all the details of how CreaClip was developed as they have a very informative website  that not only explains how CreaClip works but includes numerous how-to videos that are very helpful for all types of haircuts you might want to try.

The only thing that I noted there that I didn't agree with was allowing for a couple of inches of shrinkage when placing the clip on someone's hair. As CreaClip is used on dry hair, that's not really a concern in my opinion. But I do agree with the advice that when in doubt, cut less. You can always cut again if need be.

Here's my own experience with CreaClip shared in photos:

My oh so neglected hair, overdue for a trim.

The larger CreaClip in place, ready for the big snip!

Over 3" of frizzy ends, gone!

I sectioned off my front hair in ponytails.

On to the sides, ready to snip, using the smaller CreaClip.

We used the smaller clip on the sides as my hair is very thick and Joe didn't want to attempt any layering at the back. This variation worked great.

Each clip has a level in the center (how clever is that!) so that you can be assured of a even cut across. Gripper teeth hold the hair in place but don't pull on hair. Joe did suggest holding the large clip when cutting across, to insure it stays in place. This step may not be necessary with thinner hair though.

And the great results.

The  "un-glam" (heh, Sunday is Bathrobe Day here) but definitely happy results!

The CreaClip kit comes complete with the large clip used for the back hair and smaller clip which is suitable for bangs and angle cuts on the side and printed instructions. As far as detailed instructions though, their website is really the place to go. You'll feel confident trying CreaClip after you check out the numerous videos there, I'm sure. And for less than the price of one haircut, you can order your CreaClip and say goodbye to expensive salon visits.

PS: And stay tuned for Part 2 of my hair transformation!
I'll be testing out and reviewing a new natural hair color product here soon.
Overall rating for this product: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. This really was that easy to use. And it's true, I was uncomfortable with the idea of cutting hair before trying CreaClip. this is one great product.

  2. Geraldine,
    This looks like a good product. I think parents of young children would find it helpful, as I know quite a few who do cut their children's hair.

    Joe did a fine job, and your hair looks great.


  3. Oh how very cool, I too have frizzzy curls, and I cut my own hair and hope for the best, this could sold a lot of problems lol good one sweetie

  4. Hi Joe, You did a great job! Thanks for helping me to test this product out too.

    Hi Brenda, It's good for people of all ages but I agree, children's hair can you imagine what that could add up to for a family, during a year? Thanks for the compliment. My hair looks so much better, now for a little color enhancement to follow LOL.

    Hi Lorraine, You should give CreaClip a try. if you go to their site, a lot of the cuts people do on their own hair! And the results look very good. I should also mention that I slightly dampened my hair before using CreaClip to make it a bit smoother to work with. And it worked very well.

    Happy Clipping, G :<)

  5. Now, that does look like it would work for longer hair. I think I would give it a 5, too!

  6. Oh how very cool, I too have frizzzy curls, and I cut my own hair and hope for the best, this could sold a lot of problems lol good one sweetie
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  7. I didn't get on too well with my children's hair. Cutting the bangs worked out disastrously, and were definitely better done on sight alone. The spirit level moves too slowly, and the children fidget too much to allow it to find its level.
    I think it is ok at holding hair in place, but don't rate the spirit level too much.
    I tried doing the long layers on my older daughter's hair though, and that worked nicely.


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