Sunday, October 2, 2011

Caf-Lib Organic Blend Grain Beverage

If you've been stopping by at MRLR on a regular basis, you'll already know that my buying preferences always favor green, natural and organic products whenever possible. I'm happy to share that one of my favorite hot beverage choices is now available in an organic blend.

I previously wrote about Caf-Lif Original Blend a few months ago, including information about the health benefits of chicory and also how great Caf-Lib tastes. Let's face it, healthy is always good but taste has got to be top priority! You can read the review here.

The Organic Caf-Lib tastes exactly the same as the Original Blend in my opinion. Being an organic product has only added to the appeal.

One comment to make re: the label and ingredient list. I've been told by the company that a new label with all the pertinent information re: certification as organic by AgroBio Test (an organization in Poland where Caf-Lib is manufactured) is now being used. The label on the current jar I have left me wondering about this, as some of the organic certification information is incomplete. Good to know that's been rectified.

If you are looking for a delish alternative to too many cups of coffee or regular tea every day, Caf-Lib is definitely a hot beverage you'll want to try. And now it's a greener choice too.

Stop by the Caf-Lib site to check out all their products (including a variety of teas) and to read about their coffee-reduction/wellness target challenge.

They certainly have helped me to (painlessly!) reduce my caffeine consumption, thanks to their healthy and great tasting beverages! Now available as a greener product too. I'm loving it!!!!

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. Caf-Lib tastes great. The organic blend is the same in terms of taste, I agree. I like the new jar label too. Glad they've added all the important information about certification. I look for that.

  2. Thanks for these insights. I wonder how I'd do with a drink like this! I love my coffee!

  3. I would give it a try. My coffee limit is two cups a day, and I have that in early morning.

  4. Yuk I hate instant organic or not...
    yuk i couldn't survive half- a cup well maybe and I', willing to try any...well I use too but now to broketo try new things, it sucs oh and instant coffee too xxx

    anybody interested in killing blogger? just asking

  5. Hi Joe, I'm glad they've rectified the label issues too. The more info. re: organic and certification, the better. And yes, the taste is identical, so good!

    Hi SandyC, I think you would like it Sandy. Available from Amazon too, if you can't find in a store, I've got it on my sidebar ads for convenience. I love coffee too but I love CafLib and all the benefits healthwise that it offers, in addition to great taste.

    Hi SandyL, Let me know if you like it Sandy.

    Hi Lorraine, Ahhh...killing Blogger, how would we go about that my dear? LOL I have my days with it...and then others when it all works great.

    Thanks for stopping in, G :<)

  6. Geraldine,
    Here to say "hi"
    Have missed you!
    Got the package and love the paper.

    I might give this a try, only have one cup of coffee a day and do love my coffee!

    Hope to be back to blogging before too long but it may be closer to the end of October now.


  7. You can now find all the entire Caf-Lib product selection online at their official online retailer:

  8. Hi Margie, YOu are certainly missed! I know you're busy though.

    Hi Betty, Thanks for this additional website info. And of course, the CafLib site as above is another option. Lots of great info there too.

    Happy Week, G :<)

  9. I'd be willing to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I hope you do! I think you'll like it Patti. It's a staple in my cupboard. :<)


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