Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AVG Anti-Virus Products

I've been using AVG Anti-Virus products for many years. Make that HAD been using AVG for many years, up until about a week ago.

As far as protecting my computer, I had no complaints when it came to AVG. Everything seemed to work fine. Easy to download, regular updates, no nasty "bugs" that couldn't be taken care of quickly and completely...all was well. Until....

About a month ago, one of those expiry notifications started popping up with AVG, saying that my protection was about to expire (in October). So, as is usually the case, I headed over to TrialPay to see what kind of "freebie" I could get, with the purchase of another year of AVG. If you haven't tried Trial Pay, it's a great service. There are mixed reviews online about TrialPay, but in my experience (and I've used it several times) it's been nothing but positive. You can find out more at their site.

So, back to AVG. I'm over at the TrialPay site when I notice on my list of past orders with them that the AVG I purchased last was only due to expire in December of this year, not October. Why was I getting these expiry notices now, if that was the case? This is where things started falling apart.

I then contacted TrialPay about this and they tried to help but since it was an AVG product, I ended up being referred back to AVG to get this sorted out. Well, sorted out isn't what happened. Wasting LOADS of my time is what did!

After wading through the options on how to contact AVG, I tried their chat-online technical support option.

Signing on,  I was put in a queue where I started at 50! So back and forth, back and forth....checking while I tried to get something else accomplished online while I waited for someone to start chatting! Finally, almost 2 hours later, someone did.

 I explained in detail what had happened re: the date issues with my service. And it was a very slow process! I don't know what these people are doing, while you are waiting for them to type a reply but it was just ridiculous how long the pauses were, to answer my very basic questions. That first attempt wasted about 3 hours of my time altogether. But at least at the point, I thought it was going to be rectified as I was assured it would be, with a follow-up email from the sales department pending for for the following week. This was on a Saturday btw.

The following week, came and went, with no email from the sales department. And still the expiry pop-up showed up from AVG, with the days being counted down. No quick fix there!

By the following Saturday, I gave up and tried again. Again, another long wait in the queue before someone came online. Then I had to go over it all again. And the assurance again that an email would be on it's way soon and that it was in the works with the sales department. I had heard all this before and at that point I was down to just 5 days remaining for my AVG protection, or so the pop-up told me!

Talk about wasting time and nothing getting rectified!

By this point, I had had enough of it all. I went in search of another anti-virus option and happily found MS Security Essentials, which I have been using for the past week. It's working just fine. Seems to have all the requirements I was looking for. And best of all, it's FREE! Easy to install, easy to understand instructions at their site....and a comprehensive program that I feel good about using.

So after all this unneeded stress with AVG, who by the way has still not replied as of today about this mistake on their part, my anti-virus story does have a happy ending. It doesn't make up for all the wasted time with AVG or the frustration of having to write several emails, chat and chat again with no results. But it did free me from wasting any more time with them in the future. I did note several other reviews online about AVG that documented similar experiences to the one I had, in terms of lots of wasted time and very poor follow-up from this company.

My days of using AVG are over!

It's all well and good to provide software that works. But without the support to back it up when there is an issue (big or small)  it's not a good product/company to choose. I didn't appreciate all this wasted time and hassle. I hope my review helps other people to avoid an experience like I had with AVG.  

Overall rating for this product: Unsatisfactory. 1 out of 5.


  1. well I have the free one and although it keeps on popping I ignore it and it goes away and my free version still works, 'cause every know and then it pops up tells me they saw a possible threat and dealt with it....that's what I do will all pop-ups for any reason, Ignore them and they will go away, and nothing will on your computer ;)

  2. It's funny, I haven't used anti-virus that had to be purchased separately for years. It used to cost me 100 a year for Norton Anti-virus and then when I was with Rogers, they offered it as part of the service and when I switched over to Bell, they offered the same. I'd rather do it through my provider just cos then I know for sure it was installed properly etc, cos the one thing I'm NOT is in any way technically inclined lol

  3. I can feel,your frustration!. Been there, done thT.
    My answer......I have a MacBook, no anti-virus needed! Love it.

  4. Hi Lorraine, Free is definitely the way to go, if possible. I had been using a more comprehensive AVG version, so there was a fee attached. I'm happy with the MS Security Essentials and it is free. So this did have a good ending, but I still "resent" the time I wasted with AVG's "support" staff. Not what I call good service, even fair.

    Hi Cathy, I gave up on Norton a long time ago. I'm glad you found a good solution with your service provider. From now on, I'm digging deeper, when it comes to looking at all the options for things like this.

    Hi Teri, I know you love your Mac! No anti-virus needed, how can that be? I know nothing of the workings of a MacBook. I assumed if you have Internet you've got to have anti-virus protection too. You are certainly not alone when it comes to loving all things Apple!

    Happy Friday, G :<)

  5. Mac users are fortunate because they use a different OS that is rarely attacked maliciously. It's the Windows operating system that is the problem. I use Norton. Yeah, I pay. But I've not had problems. Have a great day!

  6. Geraldine,
    This sounds incredibly frustrating.
    Great that you've found a solution!
    Wishing you a great weekend!

  7. Hi Rumpy, Thanks for this info. re: Mac computers. I did a bit more searching on the topic and from what I read, Macs may be more protected for the most part, but some experts still recommend anti-virus, spyware protection for them as well. The hackers will always look for a new challenge,I think.

    Hi Brenda, It was. But I'm glad I dropped AVG once and for all. As of today, still no email back from their company. LOUSY service and then some!!!

    Happy Week, G :<)

  8. Just came across this site. I have used the free AVG for a few years with no issues. Previous to that I used Norton. I cancelled Norton (or thought I had) to use the free AVG (which my mom uses and loves). Well low and behold, the due date came and went when my original Norton was due to be paid, and what appears on my Visa statement, but a charge for Norton. I tried to find a number to call them to report this, with no luck. Since I had change my internet provider, I had lost all my saved emails with the information on my Norton account. Since the change over date to AVG had been relatively close to when the Norton was due, I assumed I was charged because of this. I gave up trying to find a phone number or a way to contact them. Then, a year later, what appears, but another charge for Norton. I quickly cancelled my Visa, which I should have done the year before. Norton works great, I have no complaints there, but it is impossible to cancel it. As a side note, before I signed on for Norton, my mom had warned me about the problem she had heard about cancelling Norton. Goes to show, mothers know best.
    Great site. Love the review.

  9. and G. then I ran into problems with AVG and they're stupid on-line support help finally I got so fed up and they messed up so much, I got mad...instead I called my MS they're fabulous told them I was contesting the charge because they were causing me great concern, so my MC said no problem we'll contest in the meantime here's their phone number ( which is impossible to find) finally contacted them told them I'm contesting this amount so either you reimburse me or my credit company will contest the charge and cause a lot of problems. So they assured me that they would repay within.....whatever time, and MY mc told if you don't hear from them we're just going to put the money back in....so I'm going to try this MS security Essentials


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