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We all know how important it is to keep our bodies in the best condition possible, which includes regular exercise of various kinds. But how often do we consider giving our brain a regular "workout" to keep it functioning at peak performance, throughout our lives?

I recently took advantage of a 2 week trial offer for "brain training" with Lumosity.com. I was surprised and pleased by what this company has to offer.

Lumosity.com provides a progressive series of brain exercise programs, tailored to each individuals needs and also to provide ongoing challenges to improve.

From the Lumosity.com site: Improve Your Brain: Lumosity.com has been clinically proven to support brain health. Our users report profound results: faster name recall, greater attention to detail, better concentration, and quicker problem-solving skills.

Areas addressed include: speed, attention, memory,problem solving, flexibility. In each specific category, online games/exercises are offered that are not only helpful and challenging  but a lot of fun too. Progress is individually tracked for each member so that you can monitor where you are doing well and also where there is room for improvement.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the games I've tried so far, especially the Route to Sprout (helps with navigation skills when driving etc...), Bird Watching (for improving peripheral vision) and Lost In Migration (helps with focusing on one specific task at a time) to name but three of dozens of games to choose from.

What has been really exciting for me is that after only a couple of weeks of training, I have already noted improvement in real life tasks such as: easily remembering names, being more focused when working on a specific project, being able to perform calculations of all kinds quicker and more accurately...it's been significant.

Lumosity  has millions of members from around the world. Their easy to navigate and attractive website and simple sign-up process makes it easy to give their program a try, without risk or with no long-term obligations required.

They also don't swamp your inbox with a lot of emails you don't want. You can choose to have a weekly or daily reminder to "brain train" sent to you if desired. And their support team has quickly answered any questions I've had, with a personal email, not a form reply or the ever-popular "q and a" list. (don't you just hate when they offer those by way of reply?)

Two minor negatives about Lumosity. There were ongoing technical issues with one game I tried to play several times: Penguin Pursuit which last I time I checked still seemed to be acting a bit wonky. Also, the Assessment exams offered to also track progress should in my opinion record a member's latest scores and dates of exams taken. But these are minor in comparison to all the positives I have found over at Lumosity.com.

Definitely worth signing up for their trial offer. Monthly, yearly and family plan rates are all very reasonable too should you decide to become a long-term member.

Brain training can be fun and very rewarding too, thanks to Lumosity.com. And isn't exercising your brain (not just your body) important too?

Overall rating for this product/service: Very Good. 4 out of 5.



  1. Hi Geraldine - I work at Lumosity and I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed exercising your brain with our games! If you decide to subscribe you can use this link for 15% off a yearly 2 year or lifetime plan :)


    1. What are the lumosity points for

    2. Hi Anonymous, I wondered about that too. No monetary or credit value, that much I do know. GH

  2. Sounds interesting, I'll have a look and check it out. I like to do crossword puzzles to keep my brain sharp. I wonder if anything i tried would help with my inability to remember names! I'm hopeless, even when I think, now associate woman so you'll remember and most of the time I don't lol

  3. I've tried Lumosity and it was a lot of fun and very helpful too. Training your brain is just as important as exercising your body. I would recommend it too.

  4. Hi Hallie, Thanks for stopping by Hallie. It's all true. Lumosity is really providing a great service. We plan to sign up for the Family Plan in the near future, thanks for the discount offer!

    Hi Cathy, It is risk free Cathy and so much fun. And as I've said above, even after a short period of time (brain training every day) I've noted some good improvements in real life recall and math skills etc. I am impressed! Let me know if you give Lumosity a try and what your thoughts are about it.

    Hi Joe, It is something that is often neglected but I think brain training is every bit as important as physical exercise is. I'm glad I found out about Lumosity.

    Thanks for stopping in, G :<)

  5. that sounds like a product very necessary for anyone who retires hell anyone over 30, get train not to let your brain get lazy, great review I hope they give you free stuff ;)

  6. i've never heard of this before, but i'm very interested and plan to check it out. i've done some exercises myself to improve memory, mostly when i was a deadline reporter, so i know it can be done. there is a certain power, and fun, to build up that muscle in a visible way for sure:)

  7. It does sound interesting. Thanks for telling us about it.

  8. Hi Lorraine, If you stop in at Lumosity.com you'll see testimonials from people of all ages. A lot of students too, finding it very helpful with exams etc. The two week trial was just a whole lotta fun. And yes, sometimes I do get nice "freebies" from companies that I've reviewed (the favorable ones that is LOL)

    Hi Ed, It is very interesting and helpful I think their whole program is very well thought out. Progressive, challenging and fun too. Let me know if you give it a try. And I agree, another kind of strength we need to build on!

    Hi Teri, I think you'd enjoy this Teri. The games are not only fun and challenging but they are visually very appealing. As an artist, I think you'll agree about this point.

    Happy Brain Training, G :<)

  9. I need to put some time into this! Sounds great.

  10. I will definitely check it out
    I play word and puzzle games all the time and I do feel better after

  11. I should check this out! I am over 50 and sometimes I feel my brain is full, and I can't handle one more thing to remember.

    Interesting post!

    thanks for visiting me

  12. Hi Sandy, I think you'd enjoy it. Something for your students to consider perhaps as well? A lot of young people commenting over at the Lumosity site how much it's helped them with school work and exams.

    Hi Dianne, I know a lot of people who swear by puzzles of all kinds to keep their brains sharp. What's great about Lumosity, it targets numerous ways of exercising and challenging the brain and in an enjoyable way.

    Hi Patti, Welcome! I was intrigued by your avatar photo over at Teri's place and thought I'd stop in, glad i did. I hope you'll visit again and check out Lumosity too.

    Happy long weekend, G :<)

  13. Geraldine,
    This was a good review.
    I have tried the program through the 2 week trial, and am most definitely planning to enroll soon.
    I agree, that exercising our brain is important - and I do like the idea that we can always improve our brains abilities, due to plastisticy,
    Thanks for sharing this good program,

    1. Why doesn't Luminosity publish their prices?


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