Thursday, August 18, 2011

Discover the Gift by S. Aziz and D. Lichtenstein

Discover the Gift. It's Why We're Here is co-authored by Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichtenstein, who are a brother and sister.

I borrowed this book from the local library. After getting it home and starting to read the book, I was glad I hadn't shelled out any of my own cash for it.

It appears that the spin-offs and knock-offs of The Power and The Secret are continuing to be churned out, judging by this book. The similarities throughout are hard to miss. First of all, the presentation. This book is printed on smooth, heavy stock paper (recycled content of any kind, I doubt!) and with bright blue text and glossy photo page additions. So much for honoring Mother Earth!  That kind of (or lack of) regard for the environment does counts these days. And in this case of this book, against. And it certainly does brings to mind the glitzy presentation of The Secret and The Power. (click to read that book review).

Then there are the celebrity quotes sprinkled liberally throughout. Some of these quotes had some merit but again, filling pages with the thoughts and opinions of other people, is that really authoring a book?

I found the brother/sister tale that they had to tell, rather strange to say the least. All about resentments and sibling bickering that in later years magically transformed into peace, love and harmony when the two patched things up and started working together on this book, other projects and I'm guessing making a fair bit of cash for their efforts along the way.
So many things didn't ring true, reading through their personal stories. Parents and family members portrayed as such loving, caring individuals and then a bit further along leaving both of the authors (as children) in need of security and love. It got to be all a bit too much to waste my time on but again, the lack of consistency is what came through.

So what in a nutshell is The Gift suppose to be for the rest of us? Here are some quotes from the book by way of example:

"If you take away every thing and you are left with no thing,then what is possible? Anything."

"Unity consciousness. It's a quantum physics concept reflecting the idea that we are all just part of a unified field of energy. Put more spiritually, we are all part of a divine essence, and once we realize this we are one step closer to discovering our Gift and sharing it with the world."

"To release the shackles around my heart and unchain the extraordinary miracle of my existence, I had to be open to the possibility of experiencing my life as a Gift."

Oops sorry, nodding off again......Enough said. And on and on and on....A lot of double-speak that's been rehashed and re-written, again and again.

I don't know who is taken in by this kind of self-help book. I think it's sad to realize that so many people still are. As I said at the beginning of this review, I'm glad I only borrowed this one from the library. It's going back on the shelf very soon.

Overall rating for this book: Bad. 0 out of 5.


  1. I have browsed through this book and also the Power and there are definite similarities throughout. And I agree about the glitzy presentation. I won't be reading this book any further.

  2. Spirituality-wise I trust one author Daniel Meurois or Daniel Meurois Givaudan...He is from Paris moved to Montreal, all of his books have been translated and I recommend him heart and soul...He is brave spiritual man to read and write among so many non-believers....but I'll stand by him, no matter what

  3. Hi Joe, I read quite a bit of this book and browsed all of it but I couldn't waste too much time on it. Definitely a copy-cat I can live without.

    Hi Lorraine, I will check out that author, thanks for the heads up. sounds very good.

    Happy Week, G

  4. Hello Geraldine,

    Thank you for your kind message. I'm doing okay, still a bit shock but as I come down to earth, I realize it is not so major compare to other people in other cities. so, I should not complain. I should be grateful that it was minor and no one got injured.

    I removed the post because I felt it is not something I want to dwell on and having it on my blog means I would be looking at it for at least a week.

    Thank you for your kind message.


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