Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turtle Island Tofurky Jurky

I previously reviewed Tofurky Beer Brats Vegan Sausages, here at My Real Life Reviews a few weeks ago, you can read the complete review here.

I recently found out about another Turtle Island product Tofurky Jurky (yes that is the correct spelling) and I was again impressed by the quality of their products.

I should mention first of all that I am not normally a fan of jerky of any type. I've been a vegetarian for 20 years and most jerky is traditionally made from meat-based products. And even when I did eat meat, a long time ago, I was never a jerky-lover. But I had received some samples of these Tofurky Jurky products which are vegan (the Original and Peppered flavours) so I thought I'd give them a try.

Well, they were actually quite good. I thoroughly enjoyed them. A firm, chewy texture ( a good workout for teeth!) and a  bold and spicy taste, for both flavours.The Peppered Jurky in particular would be a good choice if you like peppery-flavoured foods of any type, this would probably be very appealing.

From the Turtle Island site:

Tofurky® Jurky

Now exclusively sold online - Order here !

Tofurky® Jurky is the first great tasting vegetarian jurky made in a real smokehouse. First we marinate our jurky in GMO-free soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice and organic evaporated cane juice, then slowly smoke it over red hickory chips where it obtains the unique, natural smoky flavor of real jerky. Smoked and dried to perfection, Tofurky Jurky is a great snack on the trail, at work or for lunches.
  • High Protein/Low Fat Snack
  • 100% Vegan
  • Smoked in a Real Smokehouse, No Liquid Smoke
  • Perfect for Camping or School Lunches
  • No Preservatives or Genetically Engineered Ingredients
Our "Jurky" is vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness. We are proud of the result and feel this product is equal or superior to any competing product of animal or plant origin.
Shelf life is 6 months unrefrigerated.

What I also noted with these snacks is how satisfying they are. If I eat 2-3 pieces of these, I don't feel hungry for several hours.  With 4 pieces (they are cut in circles) only containing 100 calories and with 12 grams of protein, this is a good bang for the buck if you are looking for a snack to take on the go. For hiking, long walks or bike rides...ideal.  Or anytime you want a quick and satisfying snack. No refrigeration required either.

Whether you are a jerky fan or not, meat-lover or vegetarian, Tofurky Jurky is definitely worth a try.

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. I tried this product and I thought they were really good. I like the chewy texture and they do have a bold taste. Very filling too.

  2. I will give it a try on your recommendation. I've been kind of afraid of this stuff!

  3. Hi Joe, I liked the texture too and the spicy flavors. And I think this would be a great take a long snack for long hikes etc, very transportable.

    Hi SandyC, Definitely worth a try!

    Happy Week, G


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