Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stacy Garrett Jewelry Designs

As I have mentioned previously, here at My Real Life Reviews; I am a big fan of all things Etsy.
If you've never checked out Etsy before (and even if you already have) you are in for a real treat when you stop by Stacy Garrett Jewelry Designs one of the best Etsy shops I have visited and shopped at.

Stacy Garrett Jewelry not only offers beautiful handmade and unique jewelry, they are sold at amazing prices!
A current sale offer at Stacy Garrett Jewelry Designs is for earrings. 

Buy 5 pairs of handmade earrings for the incredibly low price of only $20!
Some of the gorgeous choices now available.

These are just a few of the many, many earrings to choose from:



 ( I love the names too)





Evening Sunset


Hot Sauce

Stacy Garrett Jewelry Designs also sells other types of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets...but the shop is mainly filled with a beautiful variety of earrings. All lovingly handmade. There are frequent new additions so definitely worthwhile stopping by on a regular basis.

I have purchased several earrings from Stacy Garrett Jewelry already and it's always a pleasure shopping there. The jewelry is first rate as is the customer service provided.

If you are looking for a special treat for yourself or want to buy some gifts that will be enjoyed for years to come, stop by Stacy Garrett Jewelry at Etsy. It doesn't cost a dime to join Etsy and registering there as a buyer or seller is easy peasy. Only takes a couple of minutes and then it's time to hit the shops and enjoy a truly unique shopping experience.

Etsy is all about handmade treasures.  And Stacy Garrett Jewelry Designs is truly a treasure of an Etsy shop!

Overall rating for this Etsy shop: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. High-quality, stylish, unique creations. Artwork. Thanks for highlighting these artists, friend.

    (This is from Sandy, Ger. Blogger won't let me be myself tonight!)

  2. It was a pleasure to write this review! Glad you enjoyed it Sandy!

  3. I like all of them and what a bargain!

    Margie x

  4. I agree Margie, real bargains and such nice Etsy sellers to buy from too, a pleasure.

  5. Where can I buy those earring especially the grasshopper? My girlfriend loves jewelries like that.

  6. The Grasshopper has an awesome design. Green and silver jewelries are a perfect match.

  7. Hi Sapphire Earring, Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Stop by Stacy's Etsy shop for these and many other beautiful earring choices to pick from. New items added on a weekly basis too. Just click the link in the review.

    Hi Engagement, Yes, a great combo of colors here. Love the design. Fun name too!

    Happy Shopping, G :<)

  8. I've been a fan of jewelries since teenage years and I am already in 30 and I still love them. By the way , I love the hot sauce earring. They look so great. The designs are brilliant too. I wonder if they also sell golds?


Thank you for your visits and feedback! :<)

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