Saturday, May 7, 2011

PAL: The Pets Add Life Campaign


I agree with Mr. Cheddar on this one, definitely a no-brainer! Pets DO add so much to our lives.

I recently found out about a new pet campaign: PAL: Pets Add LifeWhen it comes to spreading the word about responsible pet care and helping to promote and find loving homes for our furry friends, I'm all for it. I've been a pet owner for many, many years. Years ago, I worked as an Education Officer for the Humane Society, in addition to many other campaigns and programs I've been involved with, to assist and protect animals.

It's encouraging to see new initiatives like PAL that really send out a positive message about what pets can add to our lives, in return for providing a safe and happy environment for them to enjoy and thrive in.

In addition to the companionship and unconditional love that pets bring into our lives they also improve our overall health in so many ways: 

  • Lower your blood pressure by patting a cat or dog.
  • Increase optimism and reduce sadness by sharing your home with a pet.
  • Reduce stress levels significantly by spending quality, fun time with pets.
  • Get some daily exercise, take a brisk walk (or two) with your canine pals.
To name but a few...

Add happiness to every day of your life while giving a pet a loving home. It's a  win-win all around!

A fun promotion from the PAL website.

This is one of the MANY entries in PAL's  recent pet poetry contest for children:

Submitted by Gloria in Grade 5, Paramus NJ, USA
 "My beauty, my life, my treasure, my Kelsey. I love her every day. She lights up our house with her million dollar smile. Her smile is like the brightest star in the sky. When I am feeling sad, she comes to me and makes me smile. She loves everyone she meets. She is always so happy and overjoyed. When I am scared she comes to me and licks me. When I am stressed she comes to me and nudges me until I play with her. Kelsey is a special dog she really stands out. I like that about her. That is why I would not trade her for anything else in the world."
It was so wonderful to read some of the entries (too many to read them all!) and to see so many children interested and involved in making a good life for pet friends too.

Some additional information from the PAL website and the Impetus Agency, the company who recently launched an online campaign promoting the benefits of PAL. 

The PAL - Pets Add Life campaign is designed to demonstrate the joys and benefits of pet ownership, thus driving increased adoption of pets and responsible ownership of pets. Produced by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), PAL includes three thirty-second TV spots, regular pet news segments, a brochure, an ad, web links, a poster, and other promotions.

In addition, a new social media campaign has been launched on behalf of PAL- Pets Add Life. The campaign is dedicated to promoting the joys and benefits of responsible pet ownership.

Join the  online communities and follow the campaign regularly. There will be some exciting updates throughout the year.  And do  help by spreading PAL’s message as the campaign aims to increase pet adoption awareness and promote responsible pet ownership. 

If you'd like to find out more about PAL and it's current and upcoming initiatives, do stop by their informative and fun website and also their social media pages:

PAL Website

Please spread the word about PAL(Pets Add Life). And make sure to hug your pet(s) today. They truly do add life to our lives!

Overall rating: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. Pets do add a lot to our lives. I can't imagine life without them! This sounds like a good campaign for pets, I will check it out soon.

  2. Thanks for visiting me...

    lovely blog, have fun.

  3. You kitty is th best. So are you!

  4. Hi Joe, They certainly do. And this certainly is an interesting, informative and worthwhile campaign.

    Hi Jingle, And the same to you.

    Hi Sandy, He is quite the "hunk of cheese" isn't he? LOL. Thanks for your kind words.

    Happy Thursday, G

  5. I definitely give this campaign the "paws up" and Sandy, a big headbonk to you and the Clydester!!!

    The Amazing Mr. Ched, Celebrity Blogger

  6. Blogger is still having issues it seems, some comments have gone "poof"! Thanks Joe, Jingle, Sandy and whoever else stopped by.

    I hope the worst is over, re: Blogger.

    Happy Weekend, G

  7. Stopping in to say hello after the Blogger hiatus. Be well!

  8. Thanks Sandy. Sounds like we all lost some comments along the way. Some of my posts had to be re-posted as well, go figure. Hopefully clear sailing now!

    And "be well" back to you, G

  9. Hi Geraldine! I came across this great blog post and wanted to let you know about another great pet-related organziation you may want to spread the word about. "Pets in the Classroom" is a grant program that provides teachers with up to $150 for the purchase of classroom pets and supplies. Visit for details!


  10. It's been the best campaign to all who are having their own pets. I am so pleased by your post and well interested to participate in it. Even i am a pet owner and my pet is getting it's good care from Pet Vet Hospitals all the time it gets ill and i am happy with their hospitality.


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