Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Live Clean Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo

I have been searching for a good clarifying shampoo for a long time. One without a lot of questionable ingredients, cruelty- free, environmentally-friendly,reasonably priced... I recently found one of the best on the market at this time: Live Clean Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo.

Don't let the apple cider vinegar part of the name put you off. Yes, it does contain vinegar, Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar but there is no unpleasant smell with this shampoo. It isn't harsh either. And yes, I did manage to get a small amount in my eyes when washing my hair and that didn't sting either. What this shampoo does quite nicely is to thoroughly clean build-up from the hair, including gels and surface dirt. It leaves my hair feeling very clean but not stripped, I like that!

Recommended as a weekly use shampoo for normal/dry hair and can be used on a daily basis for those with oily hair. I go with the weekly use and it seems to work out fine. I have used some of their other shampoos too and plan to try the "matching" conditioner to this product the next time I'm buying hair products.

Good For You
The body's largest organ is skin, so it's no surprise that many people are concerned about what they applying to it. Many products have ingredients such as Phthalates and Parabens that have been linked to possible side effects. Cleansing and foaming agents (like SLS or Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate and DEA) used in many products can be irritating or harsh on your skin. Live Clean eliminates all of these ingredients and uses only non-irritating, gentle, natural, plant based ingredients.

Good For The Earth
Many people are realizing that they can do their part and "go green" to improve the world, for themselves and for future generations. Many so called "natural" products claim to be "green" but they are using petroleum based ingredients and petroleum is not a renewable resource. Live Clean has less environmental impact. Live Clean uses only plant sourced or non-petrochemical based ingredients which are renewable and sustainable so they don't deplete our natural resources. Live Clean respects the earth and does everything it can to make the lightest possible footprint.
And some additional information from the Live Clean site re: product ingredients and company policies. This includes the pros and cons of all the ingredients used in their products, Ph levels, packaging,comparisons to similar products available.

I'm no expert on all the chemistry that goes into making a "greener" shampoo or conditioner but their claim of 98% plant based, eco-friendly ingredients is a lot better than most of what's available out there for any kind of commercial hair products.I guess there's always room for improvement if it's not 100% but as I said before, a lot better than most of the other options available.

Made in Canada so I wasn't able to supply an Amazon link to this product. I know that it's available locally at Shopper's Drug Mart for $6-8 (depending on weekly sale prices) for a 350 ml/ 12 U.S. fl. oz. bottle.

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. nice post! i bought this shampoo yesterday, and am so glad that it works well!

  2. healthy, natural, green and it works! a great piece of product!


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