Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Depy Velvet Touch Hair-Removal Products

Hair removal (for women) products is a billion dollar industry. It can be a tricky product line to navigate at times, at least that has been my experience, especially when it comes to painless, relatively inexpensive options that get the job done effectively.

I've been using the Depy Velvet Touch facial hair removal strips for a couple of months now. Yes, I do have some of the dreaded "peach fuzz" facial hair in a couple of small areas that I could certainly live without. But those little "suckers" are a hardy bunch! Not a lot but enough to make me want to get rid of them and asap!I have found these hair removal strips from Depy to be effective and painless.

The keyword when it comes to use is to go GENTLY! Don't use excessively or apply too much pressure.

for legs>  < for facial hair

The strips are for lack of better description: a very fine grade of a sand-paper type of material that exfoliates the skin at the same time that the hair is being removed. It is also suppose to contain other natural ingredients, but these are not actually named on the company's website or packaging (at least I couldn't find this information). Go figure?

It does not pull out the hairs by the root, but rather "clips" them off with the rotation of the strips on the skin surface. If you use these too much or apply too much pressure, I think it could result in a rash and/or pain. I've been careful to follow the instructions to the letter and it's worked just fine. The strips are attached to a small plastic holder (see photo above) and the paper strips can be removed and replaced with refills as required. I find that wiping  and storing carefully after each use allows for multiple uses before the strips need replacing.

I plan to continue using these facial strips as long as I need to. Apparently with continued use, hair growth is suppose to slow down. Sounds good to me!LOL 

I've also tried the "mitt" from Depy for removing hair on the legs. Now this is another story. I found these to be just plain sad. The "mitt" is actually just a rougher grade of the same material in the facial type product, formed into a wide ring. Remember those construction paper chain links from grade school? That's what these reminded me of!!! Tres cheap!

I have rather small hands and I found it hard to even slip this "mitt" on and off for use. If someone has larger hands, I don't know how they'd even get it on. And what a mess it was to use! It left a residue all over my legs (a mix of skin and sandpapery particles yuck!!!) and the hairs (which I don't have a lot of) on my legs stayed where they were for the most part, didn't do a good job of removing them at all. I won't be buying or trying these again.

Here's some information from the Depy Beauty Maid site: http://www.beauty-maid.com/main.html including a link for ordering online.

They are a Canadian company but they do ship worldwide. If you are looking for a solution for fine facial hair removal, you might want to give these strips a try. If it's for legs or other areas of the body, keep looking!

Overall rating for these products:
Depy Facial Strips: Good. 3 out of 5.
Depy Hair Removal Mitt (for legs):  BAD. 0 out of 5.


  1. how much cost of this product? you presented good way about this product.. after your article am thinking about to buy..

  2. If you go to this company's site, you can order online and prices are given there for all products. Also available here in Canada at most drug stores etc..reasonably priced.

  3. I've tried this product before and it worked perfectly. I love the skin care products of velvet. They all work exactly as their advertisements. No false advertisements at all. I am planning to buy another hair removal product. I need to include this on my daily rituals.

  4. Never heard about this product, how much does it cost?, will check it in my local area market.

  5. I had a friend recommend this product to me, so I bought it. I have very fine hair above my lip, but it bothers me. I used the product, and to get it to remove the hair, I ended up rubbing my skin raw. it was red for a few days, and now that area is discolored and darker than the rest of my skin. I have dealt with it for 2 years now and even laser skin resurfacing hasn't fixed it. The results have been very upsetting to me. Such a cheap product, and I've spent a lot of money dealing with the damage.

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