Friday, May 13, 2011

10- Minute Feng Shui


I'm a bit of a neat-freak and I like it!

I like to live and work in environments that are neat, organized and as free of clutter as possible.I don't always "walk the talk" when it comes to having every room pristine and every thing in it's place, but I do try. I feel better, work better, think better when I'm in a tidy, clean environment. When I have been in homes etc that were extremely cluttered, messy, sometimes dirty (when house-hunting, the latter comes to mind yikes!!!) I couldn't get out of these places fast enough. I felt the bad energy of being there in a very real way.

I've always wanted to find out more about Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) but when I've checked out books on the topic previously, I found them to be rather complicated and not that interesting to read. Just lately, while waiting at my bank, I was browsing a book sale they had sponsored that day and picked up this little book. I'm certainly glad I did.

Skye Alexander, the author of 10-Minute Feng Shui (and many other related books)gives a overview of what Feng Shui is all about, in an easy to understand way and also to implement.

From Amazon, about the author: Skye Alexander is the author of the best-selling books 10-Minute Feng Shui and 10-Minute Clutter Control, as well as 10-Minute Magic Spells, 10-Minute Tarot, The Care and Feeding of Your Chi, and many other highly successful books that show readers how to bring new-found happiness, organization, and spiritual balance to their homes and hearts.

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement is thousands of years old, yet until recently few people in the West knew anything about it. Many people today are still confused by what it's all about, the do's and the don'ts of Feng Shui. It can be a complicated topic but Ms. Alexander gives all of us the opportunity to incorporate some easy Feng Shui suggestions in to our living and working environments in easy and usually inexpensive ways.

A few of the many, easy to implement suggestions (referred to as "cures") from this book:

  • Display a gold star in your work area. A cure to encourage you to do your best and to succeed financially and professionally.
  • Pot a plant in a red container. To stimulate your income, pot the plant in a red container, the color of good luck.
  • Burn incense in a ceramic holder. This earth cure encourages comfort and security in a relationship.
  • Put a pebble, a seashell,an acorn and a key in a red container and set it in your living room. This cure combines all five elements to encourage balance and good luck.
  • Clear all halls, stairs and walkways of clutter. Obstacles in the passageways through your home block the smooth flow of ch'i and the many benefits it brings. 

 (Ch'i refers to a vital energy that animates all life)

What I really liked about many of the concepts of Feng Shui and how this author presents the topic was how much of it is all about a clutter-free, clean and inviting environment to live and work in. It's not that complicated if you aren't planning to be an expert on the topic; that would require a lot more study than what is offered in this book. But if you just want to find out the basics and some fun and easy ways to incorporate Feng Shui into your own life, I think you'd find 10-Minute Feng Shui a very interesting book to read and to use. Would also make a nice house-warming gift or gift-basket addition.

Overall rating for this book: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. I would buy this book. I have several on feng shui already. We share the same views on clutter, I see!

  2. Feng Shui has been around for such a long time, there must be something to it. I read some of this book already and it is interesting.

  3. This is interesting Geraldine.
    I've heard about the plant in a red pot.
    It sounds like a nice little book, and a good find!
    I tend to like less clutter as well, it helps me feel more organized and I seem to be able to think better then.
    Nice post!

  4. Hi SandyL, I'm really interested in Feng Shui, the more I read, the more I'm fascinated by the subject. I realize that a lot of my feelings over the years about clutter-free spaces, open halls,colors etc, where related to what Feng Shui is all about, I just didn't know it was part of a philosophy!

    Hi Joe, It has been around a long time. I'm glad I pursued this topic and bought this handy book.

    Hi Brenda, I hear ya! Less clutter is definitely the way to go. And red pots for plants, sounds like a good idea too.

    Happy Week, G

  5. I was browsing a book sale they had sponsored that day and picked up this little book. I'm certainly glad I did. feng shui

  6. I love this, it's simple, beautiful and gives you as sense of well-being just knowing it can be done as always, you rock G.


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