Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oral-B Cross Action Power (Duel Clean) Toothbrush


For years, I've been buying and trying various types/brands of toothbrushes, including some expensive power toothbrushes (battery and rechargeable types) and several manual ones too.

Recently, I had enough points to go on quite a "spree" at our local Shopper's Drug Mart and since the bristles on the manual toothbrush I had been using were looking a bit sad, thought I'd give one of these battery-powered brushes from Oral-B a try. Being on sale for less than $7. was a nice plus too. And for me it cost only points that day. Free is my favorite words (LOL) when it comes to shopping!

Don't be fooled by the very low price of these brushes, they work like a charm. The brush head replacements (2 pk.) are also very reasonable, about $4. that day. A real bargain especially when compared to the  $100 and over for a power brush and $20 plus for a set of 2 replacement heads (which are suppose to be changed every 2-3 months) that I'd used in the past. Needless to say, this kind of repeat buying gets rather pricey.

The great thing is, the result are just as good, maybe even better with these newer, lower-priced versions of power toothbrushes compared to the higher-priced ones I'd tried in the past. The Oral- B Cross Action Power Duel Clean has two bristle heads (one round, one cupped) and that's what really makes a difference with results. Instead of just going over the surfaces of teeth, the cupped, lower bristles "cradle" each tooth and do a very good job of getting them smooth and clean, including the gum line and between teeth. Impressive!

Here's some additional information from the Oral-B site about this particular toothbrush and tips on brushing, oral health, coupons etc...

If you're like me and thought that these toothbrushes couldn't possibly be as good as the high priced "bells and whistle" types with the price-tags to match, give one of these a try. And compared to manual brushes, well... there is no comparison!

I also find that the vast array of choices of these power brushes can be a bit overwhelming at the stores. It's nice to narrow it down to a brand/type that you really like and will want to stay with. And stock up on replacement heads when they are on sale! I know I've found a keeper. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised when a lower-priced version of any must-have item proves to be a winner. In this case, that's exactly what happened.

Overall rating for this product: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. This is a great toothbrush and even better considering the price. I'd recommend it too.

  2. Sounds very good Geraldine, and the price is so reasonable!

    I'm learning to take your word as good advice!
    I have just recently been enjoying using the Burts Bees foot cream you reviewed awhile ago, and find it is really good - just as you recommended!

  3. Hi Joe, I totally agree.

    Hi Brenda, I'm glad you are finding the reviews helpful. Thanks for letting me know about the BB, it is good, isn't it?

    Happy Shopping, G

  4. I'll be sure to buy this since my toothbrush is about to give up on me. Thanks.
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