Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Mr. Cheddar Review: Zuke's Hip Action Treats


Amen to that Ched!

BTW, that's some text cloud you've got there! Impressive in a strange sort of way LOL Ok, all kidding aside and on with our review...

That's exactly what the Ched "says" when these tasty little morsels are taken out of his stash cupboard. And that in my opinion is the minus when it comes to giving these treats (which are available for dogs too). In small print on the package it gives feeding instructions. For a big boy like the Ched (he weighs in at about 14 pounds) he is only suppose to have 2 of these treats daily. Two!!! That's not a treat for either of us. He looks at me as if I'm being a cheap-o Meowmie, every time I dole these out. For smaller cats, up to 11 pounds, the news is even worse, just 1 a day!

And Ched LOVES the taste of these.

And he does want MORE, MORE, MORE.

I also wonder if a lot of people fail to notice the tiny printed feeding instructions and give these with abandon to their pets? These are supplements after all, not just treats. Each barrel-shaped portion contains 50 MG. of Glucosamine and 15 MG. of Chondroitin. Both ingredients are (as with humans) said to promote and improve joint health. They also do not contain any artificial colors, wheat, corn, soy or by-products according to the package.

All good, all pluses but again, how do you tell your pet: "that's it, that's all, see ya tomorrow"...when they want MORE?

From the Amazon product page:

Did you know that cats can suffer from achy and stiff joints just like people and dogs do? Cat Hip Action treats contain cat-specific levels of the same pharmaceutical-grade glucosamine and chondroitin found in our best-selling Hip Action dog treats. In addition to soothing aches and pains, recent studies show that glucosamine also can promote cat urinary tract health. Made with real chicken and salmon, plus vitamins and minerals, Hip Action treats are a delicious way to keep your cat agile and healthy.

So for Ched it was a mixed blessing finding a couple bags of Zuke's Hip Action treats  in one of his Christmas goodie bags. He loves the taste of them but he doesn't love the limited portions he is allowed each day. Perhaps the company that manufactures these could try a lower-dose version that would allow more portions per day. I know it will make Ched's day if they do.

PS: I debated about what rating to give this product and decided on Good. Except for the portion concerns, I still think it's better than a lot of cat treats/supplements that are currently available.

An update with additional product information from the folks at Zuke's:
"Thanks for this! Fun indeed. You should check out our Natural Purzz treats too! They are the same taste/look/smell as the Hip Action, but
they don't contain the glucosamine or chondroitin, so they can be fed as
much as you want. Mr. Cheddar would be happy to know that!
Thank you for your support."
Overall rating for this product: Good. 3 out of  5.


  1. Ched loves these treats but he sure isn't happy getting only 2 at a time, per day.

  2. I guess you had better tuck these away in a safe place. My mother in laws cats can open the treat cupboard, and do!

  3. Hmm - these sound like a good idea. As you suggest Ger, maybe the manufacturere could change the recipe abit so that you might give more portions.

  4. Oops!
    I forgot to mention that this is a great picture of Mr. Cheddar. Could you pass on the compliment to the Ched?

  5. He is one hot little feline dude!

  6. Hi Joe, I know that only too well 'cause it's usually me doling out the "twosies" to him. I'm glad I read the pkg. first but I think it's something a lot of people might miss.

    Hi SandyL, He's working on it but it's quite a heavy cupboard door so hopefully won't master this "trick". Cats are so clever aren't they? DO you have any pets Sandy, I always mean to ask you that.

    Hi Brenda, I will pass along the compliment to the esteemed reviewer Cheddar and thanks from both of us. He is gorgeous I agree.

    Hi SandyC, Oh Ched wuvvvs that one, thanks Sandy.And from a dog-lover, even better. Ched sends Clyde a headbonk anyways, the ultimate greeting.

    Happy Weekend, G

  7. Well, if Mr. C recommends them they must be good. And he's looking good on his fancy rug. Luv ya, Mr. C!

  8. Thank you to all my loyal fans, feline and human. You have continued to show your considerable intelligence and exquisite taste by listening to my expert advice on all products feline-related. Of course the comments relating to my oh-so handsome appearance have been appreciated even more!!!

    Thank you, good day and many headbonks.

    The one and only Mr. Cheddar!

  9. Hi Sel, The Ched alwasy loves your flattering comments. He sends headbonks your way.

    Hi Ched, We know you enjoy all the attention. Your choice of owners was pretty good too, don't you think LOL!!!

    And thanks to Elizabeth over at Zuke's for the update. Ched and I are both pleased to read this additional product information.

    Cheers, G

  10. Oh that Ched-man, there is no end to his talent.


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