Monday, February 28, 2011

A Mr. Cheddar Review:Greenies Cat Treats

Mr. Cheddar LOVES Greenies!

Here's what he had to say about them this morning, in cat-speak:

"Meow, meow, meow yummmm....greenies. Now can I get back to my nap Meowmie?"

Well, I guess that's all the Ched plans to contribute to this particular post so I will take over.

I've been owned by a number of cats for many, many years. Dental health is always a concern when it comes to overall feline health and well-being. Having their teeth cleaned at the vets is an option but that involves sedation, is certainly stressful for cats and expensive too. If at all possible, it's great to find ways to keep their teeth healthy and clean on a daily basis and with Greenies that's been easier to accomplish.

"The moment you give Feline Greenies® dental treats to your cat, you’ll hear nothing but the sweet purring of joy. Not only does this treat deliver a taste cats love, but the unique teeth-cleaning shape of Feline Greenies® dental treats is clinically proven to help reduce tartar and plaque buildup cleans teeth, freshens breath, and stirs up purrs of joy."

It's been true in this feline household. And unlike many of the cat "treats" out there that contain some questionable ingredients (I've even seen sugar and flour  in the list on more than one occasion, yikes!) here's the ingredient list page for the various types of Greenies for cats.

What I really note that's different about Greenies is the texture of these treats, it's crunchy but still porous, easier for cats of all ages to bite into, while still a providing a good workout for the teeth and gums.

Our dear Mitzi, who lived to be (in terms of cats) a ripe old age of 21, was still active and frisky right up to her last week with us. She had gotten to the point in the last couple of years of her life that most regular kibble food was just too hard for her to bite into. But Greenies, those she could still crunch on and enjoy. I credit these treats with keeping her healthy and her teeth still ok, for probably much longer than they would have been, without Greenies.

I know that it's recommended that we brush our cats/dogs teeth, in-between vet cleanings but in reality, does that really happen on a regular basis? I've tried brushing my cat's teeth several times over the past few years. Usually the only thing that comes of it is a stressed-out cat and a chomp on my hand by way of a feline GET LOST and NOW Meowmie!!  If you've found a way to brush your pet's teeth, without them giving you a "just reward" in return, do let me know!

Greenies really seem to have a better than average product for cats and for dogs when it comes to a crunchy treat that is beneficial in several ways. They have a variety of products/flavors available (with some free/discount coupons available at their site on a regular basis too)in pet stores everywhere. They also have some Greenies for sneaking in meds. if required.

With February being Pet Dental Health Month, it's a good reminder to check out your pet's oral health on a regular basis. And maybe give Greenies a try too! I also recently noted several of their products available on Amazon and very reasonably priced.

BTW, The Ched didn't want me to bring up the D-O-G word but I thought, fair is fair! Equal time for the canines. Their teeth are very important too.

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5.
**Updated rating as of October 2013: Unsatisfactory. 1 out of 5 **
(see my comment below)


  1. Our Ched loves his Greenies. He wouldn't want to be without them!

  2. Ger, this product looks like a very good idea, I think I'll have to try it for my 2 cats. Thanks!

  3. Ched still loves his greenies! We never run out; he makes sure of that. :<)

  4. I just noted recently that Greenies now contain WHEAT FLOUR, close to the top of the ingredient list, even worse. I don't think that was the case when I first wrote this review, I would definitely have noted wheat flour, if it had been listed. Definitely NOT something that should be included in any kind of cat food or treat. Greenies are still better than some of the cat treats on the market but due to the wheat flour, Mr. Cheddar and I can no longer recommend them. Time to look for a healthier alternative. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :<)

  5. After giving this product - "Greenies Dental Treats" to my otherwise healthy cat, he started throwing up and even stopped eating for 2 days. Which got me really worried so I took him to the Vet and after Several hundred Dollar$$ later, they still haven't diagnosed his illness. My cat is very healthy, he would play and always had a good appetite. After including this "Greenies Dental Treats" his health went upside down! All I can say is - BUYER BEWARE!!!

    PS - And yes I have look at the ingredients label (Which I should've done first!), WHEAT is one of the main ingredients in this product (to save costs I presume) which is not good for any Cats!


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