Friday, February 18, 2011

Lion Brand Recycled Cotton

I really like this yarn...

It was easy to crochet with (except for a bit of minor splitting here and there but not bad considering it's a blend of fabric and yarn fibers).

And the finished results were even better than I hoped for:

This capelet turned out beautifully, made in this yarn.

Pattern took: three (and a bit!) skeins in Marine Blue for the Size Medium. Here's the complete post about this crochet project, from one of my other blogs: My Poetic Path .

Speaking of blogs, they are stacking up! I'm working on a new one (#4 )right now, stay tuned, will be online soon. I guess you could say I'm on a BLOG-ROLL LOL !!!!

I digress..back to the yarn. It has a soft but slightly textured finish to it and the combined colors of the yarn fibers really makes it attractive. I especially appreciate that it is using up fabric discards and turning them into something not only usable but beautiful as well.

Made from cotton fabric pieces that would otherwise be discarded when fabric is cut to produce tee-shirts, Lion Brand Recycled Cotton yarn reduces waste and conserves resources. These clippings are sorted by color, minimizing the amount of dyeing needed for the final yarn. The sorted cotton fiber is then blended with acrylic.

  • 3.50 oz./100 g (185 yd/169 m)
  • 72% Recycled Cotton, 24% Acrylic, 2% Other Fiber
  • Weight Category: 4 Medium: Worsted-weight, Afghan, Aran Yarn; 3-1/20-Ounce (100 g), 185 yd (169 m) 
With spring and summer just around the corner, it's a great time to start thinking about warm weather knitting and crochet projects. This capelet would also be a great beginner's project if you've had the urge to give crochet a try but haven't gotten around to it before. Happy Hooking!

Overall rating for this product: Very good. 4 out of 5.


  1. Your word is good enough for me! Your creations have me wanting to try to crochet again.

  2. Just recently I have felt the urge to crochet, and a co-worker's new baby gave me an incentive to crochet a blanket. So am making a simple granny-square blanket using Bernat's Handicrafter Cotton yarn. Ger, have you used this yarn? I enjoy using it for it's softness, and am using an aqua/blue/light green varigated shade which works nicely. For my next project I plan to try the Lion's Recycled Cotton yarn which you have reviewed, I like the idea of it using recycled cotton.

    Just an idea, I found that my youngest cat, Arthur loves to play with a little "mouse", I make for him by crocheting the first round of a grannysquare, and leaving a "tail" piece of yarn. He now has several, which he carries about the house, and hides in several locations.For awhile I had been looking for the packages of tiny mice by Hartz, which he used to like, but haven't been able to find them. So, voila, I guess I won't need to buy him mice in the future. (Arthur is extremely inventive, he will launch his toys through chair legs to then chase, and will "kick" his crochet mice under the sofa, and then work hard to retrieve them. He keeps himself busy and entertained, a very industrious cat, and I guess he would be formidable as a mouser should the need arise.

    Back, to the yarn, thanks for the review, and what a beautiful item you crocheted.There is something very satisfying about crocheting I would agree!

  3. Hi Sandy,Crocheting is SO relaxing. If you do take it up again do share your creations online, I'd love to see them.

    Hi Brenda, I have used the Handcrafter cotton but only for dishcloths. I like to stick with organic yarns when it comes to babies, to avoid harsher dyes and any pesticides etc, in the growing process. Lion Brand has a lovely organic cotton available,as do many other companies. It's really a growing trend.

    That's cute about the granny square, just be careful about leaving any yarn "tails" available, when you aren't at home. Cats can choke on these so easily.

    Happy Hooking, G


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