Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Botanical PaperWorks

While recently browsing a health-food magazine at our local food co-op, I happen to find an article about Botanical PaperWorks, a company selling unique and eco-friendly paper products.

What makes their products so special? After the paper has been used in a variety of items including: journals, invitations,business cards,calendars and many others; instead of ending up in the recycle bin (or worse- the trash) they can be planted and the end result is wildflowers or herbs, not waste! Now that's my kind of recycling!

One of many journals and notebooks available. These can be personalised and make special, memorable gifts. Also perfect for company promotions, events etc. I have several of these notebooks and love the idea of my thoughts and words going on long after the time they were written. Back to the earth and to bloom again as flowers.

A wedding invitation that would certainly leave a lasting impression. And long after the special day is over, beautiful wildflowers to keep the memories alive for months to come.

An example of one of the calendars.


And the final blooming results:

I haven't planted any of the paper yet so I can't attest to how the wildflowers turned out for me. These photos from their website certainly look pretty! I am looking forward to "planting time" to see this final, sustainable result, when I have used up my notebooks/journals and it's time they move along in life's cycle.

Botanical PaperWorks is providing some of best items I've seen/used, when it comes to innovative and beautiful  earth-friendly paper products.

Some information from the Botanical PaperWorks website:

Founded in 1997 by paper experts and authors Heidi Reimer-Epp and Mary Reimer, Botanical PaperWorks is the world-leading producer of eco-friendly paper products that grow into flowers when planted. We manufacture and design stationery, invitations, wedding favors, and corporate and promotional products made from paper embedded with seeds.When planted, the seed paper grows into wildflowers or a variety of culinary herbs.
Our clients are individuals and companies who want to make good environmental choices and celebrate life's special events in an eco-conscious manner. From individuals purchasing wedding favors to Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, Sony and TimeWarner, Botanical PaperWorks is trusted for events and celebrations around the globe. And we appreciate the media who regularly feature Botanical PaperWorks' innovative and eco-friendly paper products, Martha Stewart, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post.

Stop by their site to check out all their products. Well worth the time.

Overall rating for this product: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. I would give this one a five, too.

  2. the ideas that folks are coming up with are wonderful. makes me sense that things will work out here on earth... that is if enough people follow their visions and manifest things that will inspire harmony with all life. ok, that might have been more of a response than you were looking for.

  3. Hey girl, thought I'd meander over now that I find I can sit for longer than 5 minutes! lol Cool site, I'll be checking it out regularly!

    Hey if you ever need a guest poster give me a shout, I have a couple products that I've used that I rave about. And companies LOVE it when you write to them to tell them how much you like their products and will usually send out freebies like savings coupons in appreciation!

  4. Hi SandyL, These really are beautiful products as they are, the planting part afterwards is just a bonus!

    Hi SandyC,I agree!

    Hi Tammie, I like what you have to say Tammie, we definitely seem to be on the same wavelength.

    Hi Cathy,I always find it helpful to read reviews and I thought it would be a great idea for a blog to share my view on products I've used, whether I like them or not. It really is better to be an informed consumer, isn't it? For me, it's all about being honest and upfront, in terms of my own experience with a particular product. I hope my reviews "ring true" that's what they are meant to be.

    Thanks for stopping by, G

  5. Sounds like a creative idea. Wouldn't the seeds make writing ... bumpy? :)

  6. These products are a great idea. Recycling is very important to me so companies that are making any effort to improve in terms of being environmentally responsible, definitely appeal to me.

  7. Hi Hilary, Good point/question. Actually, with the notebooks I have (for example) it's the covers that are plantable, the pages inside are 100% post consumer waste product. The business cards are also something I've personally seen, again these are plantable. They really are lovely!

    Hi Joe, It's great that you are so committed to recycling, I admire that. It's too bad that there aren't more opportunties to recycle more types of products yet, here in Canada. But every little bit helps and companies such as these are definitely going in the right direction.

    Thanks for your comments! G

  8. Great sustainable product ... love it!! We all need to take better care of this beautiful planet we live on.


  9. Here's a linkback to the Botanical Paperworks site, that features my review. Thank you to the company for this!



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