Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey

I have been blogging for a few years now, on a strictly "fun" basis at my cooking,craft and cat blog and also my poetry blog (see sidebar for links). When I started planning the set-up for this new review blog, I bought a couple of books to help me with the many questions I had how best to proceed. I wanted to create a more commercial blog that was not only useful to readers but one that would also be "easy on the eyes" and tastefully presented.

I visit a LOT of blogs/sites in any given week. I cringe and usually exit pronto!!! when I see some of the flashing blinkies, banners,pop-ups and just plain junky presentations that assault visitors on many of the more commercial blogs and sites.

I wanted to do better. And that's my ongoing goal as I continue to grow this blog and it's readership. The positive feedback I've been getting so far has definitely been encouraging and most appreciated. I credit reading Tara Frey's: Blogging for Bliss as one of the reasons I'm apparently on the right track so far!

I am still learning and have a lot of work ahead of me, but what a wonderful learning experience this has turned out to be. Books like: Blogging for Bliss make it so much easier to accomplish all of the things I'm trying to do here and believe me, there are not a lot of blogging books out there that are non-techie and yet still packed with useful information and resources.

Tara Frey
 delivers in her beautifully crafted book. Not only does she provide helpful and easy to implement tips in terms of blogging platforms,photography, post suggestions etc...she also provides many helpful links to other blogs that provide a wealth of excellent (and usually free)resources and plenty of inspiration.

This is a blogging book that is unlike the rest out there. It doesn't just go through the "meat and potatoes" of set-up, writing,SEO suggestions and the regular fare. The author's focus on the beauty and appeal of a well-crafted blog throughout is what really makes this book unique. I really appreciate the creative approach that Tara Frey has taken in this book. It stands out from the rest of the how-to blogging books available in so many ways.

In other reviews that I've read about this book, the inclusion of a number of Tara's favorite blogs had been a negative point for some readers. On the contrary, I thought that including beautiful examples of creative and well-designed blogs to be a definite plus. As the saying goes: "a picture is worth a thousand words" and after visiting many of the suggested blogs from this book, I came away inspired and even more excited about getting my new blog up and running.

Tara Frey has done a great job with this must-have blogging book. Currently on sale at Amazon so this is a great time to buy!

Overall rating for this book: Very Good. 4 out of 5.


  1. I will visit this blog. I sure do appreciate your recommendations!

  2. It never even occurred to me that there would be a book about blogging.. aside from technical aspects. Thanks for the review.

  3. Hi Sandy, I'm glad you are finding my reviews helpful!

    Hi Hilary,This book really is unique. It's also beautifully presented.

    Thanks for stopping in. G

  4. I'm glad you found such a book cos ost blogging books deal with all the techie terms and I can feel my eyes glaze over lol I'll check it out for sure!

  5. That's exactly my reaction too Cathy, or I start to nod off and take a nap! LOL!!!!

  6. I bought this book after all the hype. And yes it is a beautiful book, I don't understand how anyone can still be pushing this book. The author has not hardly blogged in two years and when she did, it was all reposts. To be honest her blog is down and she has disappeared completely. Not sure what is going on, but don't waist your money, just ask bloggers for help. All the information she wrote about can be found any where on the Internet, which is where she found it. Sorry, but I think she is a fake, and not some blog diva she wants everyone to think she is.

  7. I saw this book when I visited the East Coast in April 2012 at the A.C. Moore Craft Store (awesome store) and the beautiful cover and the word "blogging" caught my attention. Never seen a book written about blogging. I bought it and it has been EXTREMELY useful and ENJOYABLE to read. It's wonderful to read from so many who already have blogs and their encouragement to take a leap and just do it. Also informing you of the major blogs out there and the pro's and con's. I've been a tad intimidated in the past to start a blog. However, after reading this book it has lifted up my spirits to do it! Now I have to think if I want my name or another name that defines me for my blog. This book is a KEEPER! I encourage anyone out there to purchase it or give as a gift to a friend/family/coworker who is creative and needs a tad of encouragement to see what others out there are doing. You will find a story you can relate to. As for the comment above, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don't buy books and I found this one to be a great resource! It's true that you can ask around. Which I have. However, at the same time it's great to have something with you in your hand to go back to, jot notes, highlight and so on. ENJOY!


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