Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NameCheap. Domain/Hosting Provider and more....

Don't be put off by the name. The only thing cheap about this company is the amount of $$$ you will have to pay.

With the launch of this new blog, I searched the Internet looking for a company that would provide what I needed to get up and running: for now, just a new domain. A reasonable price, good (IE: NON-TECHIE) support and no "junk" to wade through to get it.

First stop for me was unfortunately the domain/hosting provider that comes up again and again online: GoDaddy.

In my opinion: Daddy can just GO and take a hike!

What a mess it was to try to navigate their site. In particular, I was appalled by all the check-marks that just happen to get added (not by me) before I arrived at the check-out. I ended up with a total that was not even close to the price quoted for a domain name on their front page. I checked out, but not with anything purchased. And with a very poor impression of this "industry leader". Even the coupon code I had from another online site didn't work for this company.

I continued my search and finally found my way to NameCheap.

All I can say is: so far, very good! As a non-techie person I appreciate simple to understand answers/support when it comes to all things Internet-related. I was immediately impressed by how quickly and easily my numerous set-up questions were answered. Nothing unexpected at the check-out screen either. And yes, I did have a coupon for NameCheap and this one worked.

Check out their website if you need a domain or hosting provider or other online/blogging services. I haven't had time to check out all their offerings but based on my experiences to date, I will be back!
Overall rating for this service: Excellent. 5 out of 5.
Updated rating as of January 2012 (see my comment below): Fair. 2 out of 5.


  1. I'm glad you're up and blogging, my friend. This blog looks super, and I love your profile photo!

  2. the blog looks great. reviews are so important when making purchasing choices.

  3. Great review, thanks for sharing :)

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  5. Hello Geraldine,

    Thanks for the great review! Glad we could help you out. If you need any help with anything else just let us know and thanks again for choosing Namecheap! Great looking blog by the way :)


    Richard Kirkendall

  6. Hi Richard. Your staff made my new venture that much easier to get up and running. First rate! I'm glad you enjoyed the review, I am happy to recommend NameCheap. Cheers!

  7. Thanks for this. I am moving my blog from Godaddy as we speak after their leaders recent foray into Africa and killing innocent elephants. I was amazed to see this guy acting like a colonial left over. No, correct that, I was sickened! I would like to move all of my domains at this point, but do not have the time to go through all of the hassle as of yet. I also saw a tweet by Gina Trapani, a name I really trust about Namecheap and Hover. Hover seemed to be priced higher than Namecheap, while NameCheap offered a lot more for one price, with no apparent hidden fees.

    I totally agree with you Geraldine, Namecheap for now seems like the best offer out there. I am trying them with my Lifedrivedoc hosting and will move forward and transfer others there if this works out. At this rate, I may even consider them for hosting the web site instead of Google, but we'll have to see about that one.

    Great blog and thank you for the information (found on a Google search by the way :).


  8. I will leave out the commentary and just give you the facts. Buyer beware…

    1. Made sure all the domain contact information was updated. Grab’d the ECC code. Plugged in the credit card and the transfers were flawless… dig/nslookup/whois all responding nicely! In the same transaction I setup hosting for one of the domains and I received an email that said 6 hours to provision.
    2. Logged in the next day to start pushing out content for the web hosting and the account is locked.
    3. Received 3 emails.

    First email: my account is locked because of possible fraud around my CC and transaction.
    Second email: userid and password to there ticket support site. (the userid and password in clear text)
    Third email: my account will be cancelled if I do not send a “photograph of both sides” of my CC through the email.
    4. I responded to the third email inquiring about the “indicators” that determined the fraud. I also told them that I will not send my CC through the email to anyone, nor do I know anyone who would.

    5. The response I received was the same as the original email. I logged on to their “live help” system and expressed my thoughts about security and my CC. I was told that they are not authorized to assist me (heard this several times), I should contact the fraud department. I ask for the number, and I was told there are no phone numbers. (seriously)

    6. I responded to the fourth email stating again that I will not send my CC through the email and I would like to know what indicated fraud. I receive another email stating that I will be cancelled if I don’t send my CC. If its cancelled, my domains do not go back to godaddy and I am unable to manage them at

    7. With bile in my throat and defeat in my eyes, I sent a photograph of CC… and I am back in business. When I recover from the beatings I will do more research and vacate

    So, am a paranoid person? Are there hackers on the wire ready to do unspeakable, nefarious acts with my CC? No and No (maybe).

    I communicated with several people at via email and live chat. What troubled me the most, is that not one person I communicated with seemed troubled about me sending my CC through unencrypted email. They couldn’t even provide me with an alternative, such as a FAX. This company is hosting your data, your websites, your credit card information, SOX, HIPPA, and other critical information.

    This indicates a disregard for security at embedded in their culture.

    In 2011, companies as well as consumers should guard their data.

    Sorry about the length…


  9. Hi LDD, Thanks for this info. I was aware of this GoDaddy news, re: one of their company leaders....shocking to say the least. No hiding these days, with the Internet. Makes it so much easier to make informed choices. I hope NameCheap is a good choice for you.

    Hi Eric,Thanks for your comment. I've invited NameCheap to respond to what you've brought up here. Hopefully someone from their company will and soon. I would like to hear their side of this too. I hope you'll stop by again for an update.

  10. First off, I do apologize for all the inconveniences that our verification process caused you.

    Secondly, we would like to stress the fact that security of our clients is our highest priority. So the procedure of checking customers is essential for keeping safe all existing accounts. Asking documents for verification is a common practice for all Registrars.

    As for security measures that our company uses, Namecheap operates secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection systems. Only authorized individuals have access to the information provided by our customers. Providing documents by fax is also available per request.

  11. PS: Update as of January 2012. My renewal for my two domains has come up and I wish I could say the warm, fuzzy feeling I've had about Namecheap has continued. It took several emails and attempts to make payments before this was completed. Also, I don't like it when companies only offer discount codes to first time users, I think that's unfair to those customers who have already been with them and paid for their service and in my case, wrote a very complimentary review too. Still a lot better than the GoDaddy option but not a 5 anymore, given this latest waste of my time and hassle.


  12. Although I've been a Namecheap customer for 8 or 9 years, I still check reviews online. This time, I searched for reviews of Namecheap's email hosting service to offer one of my clients redundancy ... and found your blog.

    I can say that Namecheap has been awesome the entire time and if you have over 50 domains in your account, you are able (ask for it though) to use a coupon code for a small amount off of new domains and renewals.

    Now, I need to go find an email hosting review ... wish me luck :)


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